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Practicing Gratitude: Gifts 326-350

one thousand giftsListing more of my one-thousand gifts

326) talking more with my sister lately
327) sleeping late with my hubby on his birthday
328) Kathryn moved to a chess class at a more convenient time
329) a couple of good visits with my dad
330) laughter
331) Ken having time to help with homeschool this week
332) a lovely rain shower
333) slightly cooler weather
334) reading my Bible in my [parked] car under a shade tree while Kathryn did chess class
335) the silly way LacyDog gets so excited she trots around the house whenever I give her a rawhide “chewy”
336) Fall is coming! Fall is coming!
337) Being asked to speak at a caseworker’s training event to share our adoption story.
338) Being asked to submit our adoption story to a state-wide publication.
339) Hearing back from the lady Lindsey and I met at Starbucks a few weeks ago, who is now starting the approval process for adoption through the foster care system, partly due to her “random” conversation with us that day!
340) knowing we chose exactly the right tutor for Lindsey
341) Lindsey having a Christ-following adult placed in her life who can honestly say she knows exactly what she is going through
342) no rain on Friday night’s football game or Lindsey’s colorguard half-time performance
343) excitement about our upcoming weddings
344) We finally got our image portfolio working on the Worley Arts’ site.
345) The doctors have ruled out ALS for my dad’s diagnosis.
346) A sweet thank-you email from one of our recent NILMDTS families
347) an unexpected lunch invitation with friends after church Sunday
348) slightly cooler weather
349) a diagnosis for Dad (finally!)
350) Dad may get to come home today.

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I’m with you! Fall is coming, fall is coming!!!