Practicing Gratitude: Gifts 351-375

I’m more than one-third of the way through my goal of listing one-thousand gifts!

351) I saw a Monarch butterfly in my yard for the first time ever!
Monarch Butterfly
352) my Native American flute
353) the new book helping me learn to play #352
354) my dad is out of the hospital
355) dinner with my dad & my sister
356) looking at bridal magazines with my sister & my engaged niece
357) more weddings coming up soon!
358) slightly cooler weather
359) the joy of watching Lacy the WonderDog running just because it’s fun
Running for fun!
360) a day off work and school for Labor Day
361) not knocking myself out when I whacked my head on the car door
362) ice packs for my clutziness
363) the ability to swallow
364) being able to drink liquids
365) my speech/talking
366) realizing that baking muffins at a lower temp (for a dark pan) results in tastier muffins
367) a new waffle maker
368) blueberries from Dad so I can make blueberry waffles
blueberry waffle
369) I finished my MotherWise Bible study. (Highly recommended!)
370) Ken has been helping so much with science & math for Lindsey
371) crock pots (so I don’t have to cook with the oven)
372) watching Lindsey perform at Friday night’s football game
Drum Corp peformance
373) Kathryn attending her first ever football game (& enjoying it!)
374) Dad coming over for dinner & going with us to the game
375) Mom coming to the game & for waffles Saturday morning