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Practicing Gratitude: Gifts 376-400

Continuing the challenge of listing one-thousands gifts for which I’m thankful…

one thousand gifts
376) dinner one day this week with all three kids under one roof!
377) our monthly homeschool support group meeting
378) having the homeschool group’s member directory almost done!
379) my favorite mechanical pencil
380) a husband willing to do NILMDTS sessions when I can’t (whether schedule-wise or just because I’m emotionally spent)
381) that my God is the God of hope
382) birthday parties
383) gooey chocolate brownies
384) a house-full of friends and family
385) dinner and conversation with a friend I don’t see often
386) having both nieces and my grandniece here
387) carpool rides to far-away football games
388) people who are willing to share difficult testimonies in order to glorify God & steer others away from temptation
389) how excited Ken is about his upcoming mission trip
390) that we have the financial resources for him to be able to go on this mission trip
391) cool mornings
392) mosquito-free times to sit out on the porch
393) being able to worship even when I can’t go to church
394) hot herbal tea for sore throats
395) Nyquil
396) a pastor who challenges us to live Biblically
397) friends who love me even when my babysitting results in a booboo. 🙁
398) spending more time & conversation with my sister
399) more weddings booked!
400) Days I see soooo many different kinds of birds in my yard! Just yesterday evening there were bluebirds, titmouses (or is it titmice?) chickadees, sparrows, house finches, a downy woodpecker, a northern flicker, and towhees all in the backyard at one time!

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Tina Savasuk

I have been meaning to tell you that Saturday you could barely see the booboo and Sunday you couldn’t see it at all. 🙂


Three cheers for #395! And I think it’s titmice; at least, that’s what we say!

Love reading your list. I’m a brownie fan, too.