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Practicing Gratitude: Gifts 426-450

More, more, more to be thankful for…

426) Ken & the guys had safe travel for the mission trip to Mexico this week.
427) camradarie & shared experiences with like-minded men
428) new homes for two families in Mexico
429) a friend to drive to the airport for drop off/pick up
430) Fall is finally here…
431) and it finally feels like fall!
432) The opportunity to share our story at a foster parent training session on Saturday.
433) Lindsey shared her heart about the importance of permanency in a child’s life.
434) We didn’t get lost on the way, despite the lack of road signs in Cartersville!
435) Lindsey is willing to be a walking testimony about teen adoption.
436) My testimony is cannot be summed up because God’s faithfulness never ends.
437) Lindsey has finally seen just how much God was at work in our adoption story.
438) Kathryn’s 10th tooth fell out more quickly & painlessly than the previous one.
439) Kathryn was able to participate in the 1st JBQ League Meet of the year.
440) Kathryn is enjoying chess.
441) logical thinking skills that go along with learning chess
442) Deanna received her release for adoption, so her adoption will be official soon!
443) A friend was able to come home from the hospital after a very scary week.
444) a sermon from our pastor on being more thankful for all our “good & perfect gifts”
445) the most perfect gift of all: Jesus Christ & salvation through Him
446) carpooling
447) umbrellas
448) progress in mother-daughter talks
449) soft hearts
450) My husband is HOME!

Join the gratitude community and start counting your “one-thousand gifts,” too!

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Amen! and Amen! to #431!!!! The cooler weather has me positively giddy! 😉 ~K