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Practicing Gratitude: Gifts 451-475

“Happiness is the result of praise and thanksgiving,
of faith, of acceptance; a quiet tranquil realization of the love of God.”
White Eagle

I’m still counting my “one-thousand gifts”…

451) Kathryn did well with getting her ears pierced
452) tea time celebrations
453) fall clothes for fall weather
454) plenty of rain last week
455) a break from Friday night football games (for Lindsey’s colorguard)
456) date night with Ken
457) people with awesome testimonies
458) fun engagement session with my niece (click photo for more)
my niece and her fiance
459) being able to edit photos much more quickly than I used to
460) Saturday’s blogographer meet-up happened even without me (see previous post)
461) Sunday’s sermon on James 1:27
462) our church is beginning to focus more on adoption
463) technology that allowed our pastor to preach from Botswana!
464) seeing (via video) some of the friends we made last year at Open Baptist in Botswana
465) clean, fresh-smelling bed sheets
466) happy news from a friend who is expecting next summer!
467) shoulder massage from my hubby
468) all the ways my crazy dog makes me laugh
469) all the neat things to see/taste/buy at the local Farmer’s Market
470) my 10-year-old enjoys reading historical fiction and biographies
471) snuggling on a chilly evening
472) a very mission-minded church
473) my eye is getting better
474) antibiotic eye cream
475) a husband who tries to understand the crazy thoughts that run around my mind

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I *love* reading these–they put me in a great frame-of-mind! 🙂 Did you come up with this idea of “1,000 gifts yourself?” I was really bummed to miss the meet-up on Saturday (sounds like you were, too!) Since we just moved here I’m so eager to connect with people who share our interests and values. But, I knew God would provide other opportunities annnnd…Sunday I visited a church for the second time, this time actually attending a Sunday School class. In this one small class (about 7 couples) there were two couples who have four kids (like us) and homeschool.… Read more »