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Practicing Gratitude: Gifts 501-525

I was going to beg out of this post, promising to start back up next week — but that’s not right because I have ever-so-much to be thankful for, even on the really difficult days like yesterday when I’d like to climb back into bed and start the day all over again.

Just this morning, I got an email letting me know that a dear woman I served with in the Stephen Ministry, who blessed countless children as she taught children’s choir, who sang praise to the Lord in our church choir, who raised and homeschooled her now college-age son, who lived out a Christian life as witness to her unbelieving husband, has gone to be with her Savior. Just a couple of weeks ago, she was diagnosed with cancer, and it took her this quickly.

Meanwhile, the 21-year-old son of dear friends is nearing the end of his very long battle with cancer. He has fought for more than a decade, and he doesn’t want to fight anymore. He is such a godly young man. He knows people have been praying for years for his healing, and he has asked them to stop because he wants to go home — to Jesus. He knows that God is more than capable of a miraculous healing of his earthly body, but he also knows that the ultimate healing is with Christ. I am sad. But I am overwhelmed with admiration for the wholehearted way he and his family love Christ. Recently, his mom eloquently expressed what they are going through with these words:

“Standing on the edge of eternity with my boy… God’s man. Difficult to imagine He loves him more than I. Oh, how He loves us.”

So, my list:

501) another day of life
502) another chance to say the things I should say
503) another morning with the fresh mercies of God
504) the hope of eternity with Christ
505) lives well lived
506) knowing so many who have lived so well
507) those who love the Lord enough to face death without fear
508) knowing that ultimate healing really is with Christ
509) families who live out the reminder that every single day is precious
510) a sweet sisterly note from one of my girls to the other
511) my extremely patient husband
512) Deanna’s excitement about her adoption this week
513) willing & able husband (did I mention patient!?) to help with Lindsey’s math & science
514) unexpected opportunity to chat with a friend
515) clearer direction in a few matters
516) having useful items to donate to a family in need
517) Lindsey & Deanna had fun at the homecoming dance
518) they trusted me to do their make-up (& seemed pleased with results)
519) nine more weeks of lesson plans for Kathryn done
520) time to myself on Friday night to save my sanity
521) Drum Corp families are very pleased with group & individual photos Ken did
522) another 2011 wedding booked
523) being trusted as a true friend
524) hearing “I love you” from my husband often
525) hearing “I love you” from my husband in more than just words

Want a great way to learn to live intentionally? Start counting your own gifts, as part of the Gratitude Community, or just on your own.

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What a wonderful list to be thankful for! Thanks for stopping by and joining up in the Hip Homeschool Hop!


I’m glad you didn’t “beg off” on this one. I look forward to it each week! Blessings ~K


Counting our blessings reminds us that God is truly in charge for He sends us things we can’t even imagine as something we “need”. I like moments like this!


Difficult week. All the more reason to cling to your habit of gratitude so you don’t lose sight of His love that undergirds every aspect of your life.