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Practicing Gratitude: Gifts 526-550

one thousand gifts
Have you tried keeping track of your “one-thousand gifts”? More of mine…

526) Deanna is adopted!
527) her adoption was done by speakerphone so John could participate
528) everyone involved in making 526 & 527 happen
529) God showing His love & compassion through ordinary people
531) the colors of autumn
Red Maple leaves
532) fallen leaves that crunch when you walk on them
533) cool breezes
534) butterflies & flowers that linger through fall
October butterfly
535) Bananagrams
536) a new monthly planner
537) new pink pens
538) un-busy Sunday afternoons
539) notes from daughters
540) candy
541) relaxing days
542) words!
543) big, goofy dogs like our neighbor’s Great Danes
544) Jesus comes up in our family’s day-to-day conversations
545) another real-life homeschool friend started a blog
546) guest-hosting the Weekly Wrap-Up
547) anticipation of hearing about Flat Jamie’s trip to Relevant
548) options for schooling my children (many parents don’t have options)
549) unexpected hugs
550) dancing in the kitchen with my husband

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Danielle Z.

I agree with so many of these! Especially words and pink pens. I have a pen problem. My husband and kids steer me away from office stores and those lovely aisles in my favorite stores. I have a lot of pens and I love them all. : )


Wow! The colors in those 2 photos are spectacular! Glad someone was adopted! 🙂