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Practicing Gratitude: Gifts 576 – 600

Still counting my “one-thousand gifts” (but posting a day later than usual)…

576) the right to vote
577) knowing God is in control of the elections
578) knowing God is in control of everything else, too
579) a great homeschool support group meeting
580) much-needed encouragement
581) oatmeal cookies
582) being available
583) privilege of praying for others
584) every day that I wake up
585) my ancient (in technology terms) cell phone still hasn’t died
586) done with the 1st quarter of the school year
587) Lindsey’s improved attitude/outlook about school
588) mornings that don’t require alarm clocks
589) gloves to keep my bony fingers warm
590) the perspective I’m gaining by my year-long moratorium on clothes-buying
591) Morningstar Farms veggie breakfast sausage: very tasty, and my tummy likes it better than “real” sausage
592) dinner and dancing
593) meeting the men in Ken’s CLC group
594) meeting their wives
595) a nice evening with new friends
596) the Durango didn’t blow up this morning (though I seriously thought it might)
597) my blog was nominated in the HSBA awards (1st time ever!)
598) Being nominated for the “nitty-gritty” blog award category means that whoever nominated me — and whoever votes for me — thinks I’m being real, which is a good thing, in my opinion!
599) Victor Journey Through the Bible; helpful for understanding our Bible readings!
600) time change = sleeping late

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