Practicing Gratitude: Gifts 601 – 625

Whatever will I do with my Mondays once I’ve counted my “one-thousand gifts”? It’ll still be quite some time before I’ve reached 1,000 so I have plenty of time to figure that out. Have you tried this? It’s amazingly hard, even with being naturally a pretty thankful person! Join the Gratitude Community at A Holy Experience.

601) our friend John is pain-free and completely healed and is face-to-face with Jesus
602) his family knows where he is
603) they have hope because they know they will see him again
604) my mom’s birthday tea party (see yesterday’s post)
605) another year of mom’s life
606) successfully surprising my mom
607) friends that are like family
608) Kathryn finished her cross-stitch project (a gift for my mom)
609) the sweet card Lindsey picked for my mom
610) voices (of loved ones)
611) hot tea to help conquer a cold
612) the cold that tried to get me seems to be gone now
613) hearing what I needed to hear (though I didn’t know it)
614) getting started on Christmas shopping
615) knowing we don’t need to be extravagant with Christmas shopping
616) more holiday portrait sessions
617) Ken did a great job with DNOW group portraits
618) Lindsey enjoyed DNOW (Disciple Now weekend at our church)
619) Operation Christmas Child
620) the girls look forward to packing their shoeboxes for OCC each year
621) having something tangible to do to bless our grieving friends (memorial slideshow)
622) Kathryn did not chip a tooth when she slipped and fell on her face (on a tile floor)
623) next week is a week off school
624) improvements in relationships that used to be extremely tense
625) this coming Friday’s chance to share our story at an adoption banquet