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Practicing Gratitude: Gifts 626 – 650

Still counting… are you? If so, leave me a comment so I can read your list!

626) one life CAN make an eternal difference
627) an amazing worshipful memorial service
628) knowing John while he was in his earthly body
629) Kathryn won the cookbook cover contest
630) Lacy’s red itchy belly seems to be getting better
631) a clean and organized desk
632) Trader Joe’s peppermint Joe-Joes (cookies)
633) praying with my husband
634) conversations with Ken are often about God, the Bible, or other things of eternal value
635) a good coffee date/chat with Lindsey
636) another opportunity to share our adoption story at Friday’s banquet
637) meeting other adoptive families
638) having my eyes opened even more about the plight of the world’s orphans
639) meeting the writer of one of my favorite songs
640) possibility that some of the adoptive parents I met might share their stories
641) powerful lesson/testimony in Sunday school yesterday
642) a much cleaner garage
643) donating items we don’t need
644) hauling off junk
645) a week off of school and other outside activities!
646) God loves me and has patience enough to be redundant with me
647) Kathryn found her lost matroyshka doll (and promises not to “hide” them again!)
648) a fun game of charades with the family
649) a beautiful park nearby that I didn’t know about ’til yesterday
650) loyal clients

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Tricia @Hodgepodge

I do love a clean garage 🙂 We just recently did that too.

Still counting too! up to #2087


I found your blog today and reading your list inspired me to start my own. Thanks!