Practicing Gratitude: Gifts 651 – 675

a holy experience multitudes mondays
Still happily counting my “one-thousand gifts“…

651) a holiday devoted to thankfulness
652) time with extended family
653) fun ride on a golf cart on a beautiful fall day
654) making a two-year-old giggle
655) cleaning out stuff!
656) new tires on the Durango
657) new tires on our old car cost much less than on nicer new cars
658) a couple of days off work for Ken
659) more holiday portrait sessions
660) no one froze during those chilly sessions!
661) conquering more household clutter
662) getting some Christmas shopping done
663) every time I learn something new from the Bible
664) cute new retro-print apron
665) heartfelt thank-you note from a friend
666) this year’s “thankful tree”
667) wonderful message inspired by our friend John
668) a husband willing to consider “crazy” God-inspired ideas
669) Truth
670) a few days of sleeping late
671) a working heater in the car
672) warm gloves
673) a garage to park in
674) conviction about my own sense of entitlement
675) worshipful days