Practicing Gratitude: Gifts 676 – 700

I’m still counting…

676) attending Brandon’s concert last week
677) the talent God has given Brandon
678) the potential Brandon has to influence lives for Christ
679) coffee with a friend I’ve known 20 years
680) Lacy’s new coat fits and she doesn’t hate it (and it was on sale!)
681) a fun afternoon with my Mom
682) I’m almost done with Christmas shopping
683) my new iPhone
684) figuring out (mostly) my new iPhone
685) Tuesday afternoons are free for the remainder of the school year
686) a warm home
687) Christ made it possible for me to pray directly to my Father
688) Ken took Lindsey out for a father-daughter breakfast
689) a great husband who is a great dad, too
690) bake sale at church last week raised $400+ for the Lottie Moon offering
691) Kathryn enjoyed making and selling treats for the bake sale
692) we all survived our yearly self-timed family photo
693) any time we have all three kids under one roof
694) attending The Nutcracker with Kathryn (and our homeschool group) this morning

At the Nutcracker ballet

695) I remembered how to get where we were going (always a big accomplishment!)
696) we have a second car this year so we can do things like #694
697) our “thankful tree” is overflowing!
698) deadline for an article on adoption was a few days later than I thought (yay!)
699) anticipating seeing our adoption story in Bethany’s national publication
700) the Christmas tree is up (although not entirely decorated yet)

Join in and count your gifts!