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Practicing Gratitude: Gifts 701 – 725

Join in the fun of counting your one-thousand gifts!

701) sentimental Christmas ornaments
702) finding a few good (inexpensive) stocking stuffers
703) a good friend who is also mom to an adopted teen — because it’s just different than other types of parenting and/or adoption
704) last week’s homeschool moms’ Christmas party
705) like-minded women who encourage me
706) the days my teen daughter is perky in the morning
707) a new ornament that has special meaning
708) a visit from my dad
709) we finally got the Christmas tree decorated
710) peaceful evenings
Not A Creature Was Stirring
711) the mornings I get up early enough to spend uninterrupted time with the Lord
712) a friend I respect told me I am wise beyond my years, and that I am “following hard after God.” I pray that’s true.
713) available time and resources to host a brunch
714) the privilege of extending hospitality to friends
715) Lacy behaves well with company at our home
716) my family helps even when it’s all my idea to host a get-together
717) new thankfuls added to our tree by friends
718) delightful cookbook of “Afternoon Tea” recipes from a friend who knows me well!
719) other godly women pouring into my daughters
720) how cute/funny Lacy is when she dreams
721) our Christmas cards arrived and are ready for me to address
722) more 2011 wedding inquiries!
723) upcoming and much-needed break from school
724) my grandmother knows her great-great-grandson
725) 40+ students baptized at church on Sunday — including Lindsey

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