Practicing Gratitude: Gifts 826 – 850

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826) Discovering more green tea in the cabinet when I thought I was out of it!
827) Another blog sponsor.
828) I completed my first post for Raising Homemakers
829) New, more mousing/editing/typing-friendly desk…
830) which was a great deal and purchased with Christmas money from Dad…
831) and arrived safely despite the abused-looking box it came in!
832) A better iPhone cover and a screen cover with NO bubbles!
833) News that another of last year’s brides is expecting!
834) I finally organized my box for scripture memorization
835) Ideas for budget-friendly meal-planning in the comments of this post.
836) Pretty new ShootSac.
837) Watching my daughters grow in their sisterly relationship
838) Ken ran his first 5K race!!!
839) My stubborn cough seems to finally be going away.
840) Our first week back to school went better than anticipated.
841) Lindsey actually enjoyed some of this week’s school.
842) Brief but delightful visit with one of my favorite young women (another Lindsey!)
843) Cute (on sale) dresses for both girls for the upcoming Father-Daughter dance.
844) A few more guest post adoption stories in the works — including one this week!
845) That Lindsey and Deanna (her childhood friend recently adopted by our friends) have permanent, stable families AND still get to do fun things together — like attending a homeschool group dance Saturday night.
846) A visit from Brandon (a bit of a rarity with his very busy schedule lately).

Brandon and Lindsey
Brandon and Lindsey. Yes, we have good-looking kids!

847) Talking wedding plans with Brandon.
848) Kind and encouraging comments coming with my reader survey. (I love y’all!)
849) Amazing Sunday worship service focusing on returning to our first Love: Jesus.
850) Seeing my teen daughter’s heart continue to soften.

I love this habit of counting gifts. Have you started counting yours?