Practicing Gratitude: Gifts 876 – 900

I’m still counting!

876) Oodles of inquiries for wedding photography!
877) Lindsey likes her math curriculum.
878) My new favorite snack: apple and peanut butter.
879) Kathryn and Lindsey worked out a disagreement on their own (the first time ever; a big milestone!)
880) Hearing “I’m glad you’re my mama” from the daughter I gave birth to, and the one I didn’t.
881) Spending the day with my husband, even when we’re busy.
882) My first Raising Homemakers post.
883) Heartfelt comments on post mentioned in #882.
884) megapixels (suggested by Kathryn!)
885) Popcorn while watching a movie.
886) New “My Marriage Still Rocks” shirt! (


887) Making my hubby feel good by wearing above shirt. 🙂
888) Cheetos for motivational purposes (for Lindsey)
889) Kathryn’s excitement over having a penpal as eager as she is.
890) Clients willing to brave the cold for their engagement session. (Brrr!)
891) Lindsey’s passport arrived.
892) Girls’ excitement about father-daughter dance coming up this week.
893) Working on the cover shot for Bethany Adoptions spring magazine.
894) Learning how to do something new in Photoshop.
895) Going to sleep with my husband’s arm around me.
896) Waking up to birds singing outside my window.
897) Figuring out how to make a “welcome” page on our business facebook page.
898) Getting my LinkedIn page updated.
899) Lindsey has a great small group leader for her mission trip in April.
900) Making it to 900 of my “one-thousand gifts”!