Practicing Gratitude: Gifts 901 – 925

And I’m still counting…

901) A wake-up text from Ken made Lindsey’s day start happy.
902) Renewed friendship with a sweet friend for Kathryn
903) Tackling some of my overloaded email
904) Our dog is so good with people! (Once we’ve let them in.)
905) Ken’s excitement about being a group leader for a high school mission trip to the Dominican Republic in April
906) Being able to meet a friend for coffee at a neat little coffee shop
907) Knowing the girls can do schoolwork and get along while I’m gone to coffee
908) Social media when it’s used well.
909) Reading my cousin’s poetry. Even when it makes my brain hurt.
910) YouVersion for helping my Bible readings.
911) Finding a happy-making new tea supplier
912) $5 coupon at new tea supplier
913) Opportunities to encourage others
914) Our church’s annual Father-Daughter Valentine’s Dance
915) Glowing, floating-on-air happy girls after the dance
916) My husband is such a good dad for my daughters.
917) A good bit of yard work done this weekend.
918) The whole family pitching in to do extra chores/yard work
919) Teatime with friends


920) Meeting Mr. Ethan (friend’s baby at teatime)
921) My grandmother’s pound cake recipe
922) The delightful aroma of pound cake baking
923) Sharing a meal with dear friends
924) Watching the movie “Secretariat”
925) The beauty, power, and strength of a horse

Only three more weeks til I’ve listed one-thousand gifts.
Have you started listing yours?