Practicing Gratitude: Gifts 926 – 950

Still counting…
926) Lacy the WonderDog’s 4th birthday (on Valentine’s Day)
927) Homeschooling cousin to bounce ideas off of
928) Silly math dance/cheer Lindsey did for Kathryn
929) Going dancing with my husband for a Valentine’s date night
930) How cute our daughters think we are when we go on a date
931) Kathryn’s excitement about painting and building her racer derby car
932) Getting the derby car registered despite confusion in registration process
933) Lindsey was able to race Kathryn’s car when Kathryn was too sick to go
934) After a long day of dealing with a stomach virus, Kathryn said,“Thank you for taking care of me, Mama.”
935) She’s beginning to feel better now
936) Lysol
937) Father-daughter talks between Ken and Lindsey
938) Ken was finally able to fix the leaky porch roof
939) Lindsey helped — even if was to earn money towards her mission trip 😉
940) Snuggling with my not-feeling-good little girl
941) Remembering anew how blessed I am to have children
942) Discount coupons for the Georgia Aquarium (we’ll go soon!)
943) Respectful young men
944) Flexibility homeschooling allows when a child is sick
945) My nifty and organized new prayer binder
946) Time to be still
947) Soon-to-be-wed couples who are excited about being married (and not just about the wedding!)
948) Kind and encouraging blog comments or emails
949) Having so much homeschool support in blogland and in real life
950) A husband who takes seriously the responsibility of protecting his daughters