Practicing Gratitude: Gifts 951 – 975

950) A husband who mediates on those occasions when I’m not being a great mom
951) Kathryn’s love of books
952) Days full of laughter
953) There are a lot of those (#952) in our house.
954) Updating our online image portfolio
955) A much-needed hair cut
956) Enjoyable conversation with the sweet girl who does my hair
957) I’m going to the Apologia conference! (More on that later!)
958) Praying for my daughter’s future husbands
959) Telling them I do so
960) 16-year-old daughter telling me at dinner that she was praying for her future husband and studying Proverbs 31 before she came to the table
961) Discussing our Bible readings as we go about our day…
962) …and it feels normal.
963) Getting our second mortgage paid off
964) Days I can’t seem to keep the kids indoors
965) Going on walks with the whole family
967) Getting a post done for Educating Mother
968) Lindsey squeezing into the chair to snuggle with her Daddy
969) An uninterrupted hour of actually talking with my husband
970) Sharing hopes, dreams, and goals with the one I love
971) Photographing the wedding of another delightful couple
972) Sweet wedding ceremonies that remind me of the beauty of marriage
973) Sitting in the sunshine
974) Yummy meals at California Pizza Kitchen (very infrequent)
975) Being part of a very mission-minded church