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My Prayer Binder Notebook

I pray often throughout the day — usually quick prayers asking for wisdom as situations come up, or a little whispered prayers for a friends anytime they come to mind. But my intentional prayer time was lacking: very haphazard, disjointed, sporadic.

Be more intentional by making a prayer binder:

Then I remembered that a friend had mentioned having a prayer binder; this sounded quite delightfully organized. I like anything that is delightfully organized! So I asked her what exactly was in her binder, and she gave me some great ideas to get started. (Thanks, Michelle!)

I had to have something cute, of course, so I found a clip art photo I liked, and combined that with two quotes about prayer to make a pretty cover:

“Of all things, guard against neglecting God in the secret place of prayer.” -William Wilberforce

“I remember my mother’s prayers and they have always followed me. They have clung to me all my life.” -Abraham Lincoln

My new prayer binder:

prayer binder notebook

Inside my prayer binder, I have five tabs, as follows:

  1. Praise — I like to start prayer/quiet time with praise, but I want to go beyond simply thanking Him for all He is doing in my life. This tab has a list of worshipful verses written out into prayers. I have five or so hand-written pages, but I’m continuing to add to it. (Beth Moore’s Praying God’s Word is fantastic for getting started on these!)
  2. My Husband — Sometimes I write out specific prayers for loved ones, so this tab is where I have prayers for Ken. I also did a few google searches to find a nifty list of other suggested prayers for husbands; I printed this list as is, but as I’m praying through it, I’m tweaking the list to fit Ken better.
  3. My Children — It is my privilege and responsibility to pray for my children! I have a list of daily prayers printed off here, plus my own custom prayers (try Praying Like Paul to help develop your own), and a list of prayers for my children’s future spouses.
  4. Myself — Prayers for myself go here for things like having a gentle spirit and speaking edifying words.
  5. More — This tab contains all those other prayers I mean to pray but often forget. This includes: prayers for the pastors at my church; prayers for our country; prayers for extended family and friends; prayers for orphans and for adoptive families; and prayers for the marriages of our wedding clients. I also have extra pages to jot down specific prayer requests.

The tabs:
Prayer Binder tabs

One of the many great things about this binder is that it’s so easy to change around. I know it will morph and grow the more I use it. It does not take the place of the spiral-bound journal where I actually write what I learn or hear during my quiet time. I also have another smaller spiral-bound notebook I take to and from church to take notes during Bible study and sermons.

You are welcome to print these lists of prayers for use in your own prayer notebook:

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Jamie – Wow! I love this!

And the idea of ‘intentional prayer’. I really needed to be reminded of that today.

Beautifully done.



What a wonderful idea! Everything is always better when you add a little cuteness.

Missional Mama

cute prayer notebook and you are right, it will change as you use it. I have been meaning to do a similar post on different notebooks including my prayer notebook. Mine is not nearly as pretty as yours though. 🙂

Have a great day!
(from HHH)


Love it!


Looks wonderful! I have a smaller (1/2 size binder) something similar that I need to use more- thanks for the sweet nudge… 🙂

I love this idea! I’ve been looking to set up something like this for myself, but I couldn’t figure out how I wanted to do it, but now I know. 😉 Thanks!


Yay!! Love it.

Kimberley Byrd

That is a great idea! I have a prayer journal (a lovely green spiral:) that I write down thoughts and prayers for people and what I love about it most is when God answers a prayer, I can actually write it beside the prayer! It is an awesome way to see the miracles in people’s lives:)

QC Kelsey

Great idea! I have an iPhone app that I use to set reminders for specific prayer times and topics, but I have been tossing around the idea of having an actual notebook or binder for it. I love lists … And I totally agree with the above comment from Kimberly – it would be nice to be able to track and then give more Praise when you see the results of God fulfilling prayers. I’m also strategizing (procrastinating) about one specifically for my husband – a journal of sorts that I can write in daily things that I love him… Read more »

Ordinary Sarah

I’ve become quite the binder/printable fanatic lately. This one is such a good idea! I actually have some prayers I’ve printed off that need a home, too! Ooh! What a great thing for my kids to make too!

Bobbie Hisel

I am exactly the same way!!!!!!I luv to be organized and write and have a notebook or binder for…I have a bible study bag that i carry my Bible of course and my journal,and now this binder!!!!..I luv the idea and have already put together one just from reading your post!Thanks so much for sharing!

Katie Hubbard

I pulled my notebook out this morning, dusted it and realized it needed a makeover! Thanks for the suggested tabs. I’m gonna redo it tomorrow to get ready for a new week of prayer.

Blessed beyond a doubt

I love this idea! Anything with a binder I adore. I have a disciple notebook.


I love this! I have a master list of people that I pray for but never thought of putting it into notebook form. Thanks for the great idea!


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[…] Devotions – I’m working through Power of a Praying Wife right now which might not officially be a devotional but it’s what I need to learn right now. Can you believe that I just happened across this book at Goodwill for $2? Hopefully, I will get to the point that I can put together something like Jamie’s prayer binder. […]

Sam @ Sam's Noggin

I take a binder to church with me, I have a tab for prayer, one for personal study notes, one for sermon notes, and one each for Sunday and Wednesday Bible study notes. I used to take a notebook, but I like the binder better. 🙂

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Peter Lim

I am very impressed with the prayer journal but i noticed it is only for ladies. What about men like the singles, young adults, and etc. I’m in the midst of making one.


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LOVE LOVE LOVE! I have a similar notebook and love the ideas your post added! I just posted briefly about mine. 🙂


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This is great. I’m just curious, has this changed over time? If so, how is it organized now?

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Thank you SO much. I’ve been trying to come up with a way to do exactly this. My plan is to hand write them all eventually, but to get things going, I’ll have to start by printing them out. I love how you’ve tabbed for different intentions. Keep on praying!

Sheila S

I was just starting to put a binder together. I love what you came up with!!

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