Preschool thru College: Beginnings

We’ve had a whole lot going on around here, from the youngest child’s last day of preschool to the eldest child’s college graduation, and all sorts of things in between. I was blessed to have all my kids at church on Mother’s Day, including my daughter-in-law! It’s funny: I never even thought to imagine the family I have now — but God’s plans are always better than my own.

Preschool and Kindergarten

Scout had her spring kindergarten program at school: the kids performed songs and then hosted a little classroom reception for the parents and gave us moms a plant in a painted flower pot.

Jem’s preschool week was full of end-of-year parties. He is now done with his school year, but Scout has one more week of school, which means I have one more week of getting her up and out the door way too early.

fun day

Kathryn and I introduced Jem to the wonders of the library. Since then, I have read The Hungry Caterpillar roughly 843 times. We snuck in a quick trip to the playground one day, too.

Next year we plan to homeschool both of the littles: Jem in Pre-K, and because of Scout’s young age (she’ll still be 5 when she would theoretically start back to public school for first grade!), I’m deeming her in kindergarten again next year. However, since she’s convinced she’s suppose to be a 1st grader, I’m still deciding what to call it: K+, or K6, or just tell her we have to do homeschool K before 1st grade. Suggestions welcome!

Finishing up our homeschool year

Kathryn’s spring band concert went well and was such a big improvement from their winter concert, when most of the kids in her class had only been playing their instruments a few months! Scout and Jem enjoyed the concert and behaved well; it was the first event we’ve taken them to, so we weren’t sure what to expect!

Except for another week or two of U.S. history, Kathryn has finished most subjects for the year; she’ll continue math throughout the summer. And there will be reading. Always reading.

read books

The weather has been perfect, but I’m going to have to remember to start slathering on the sunscreen. {A few pink noses this week.} We’ve had a whole lot of outside play and unofficial nature study going on, including a little maple tree nursery. This was Kathryn’s idea, and she enlisted the littles to find and help plant seeds out of all those “helicopters” in the back yard.

High School Senior!

Last Sunday was the “Senior Walk” at church, where all of the soon-to-be-graduated high school seniors are recognized. Lindsey threw in some humor when announcing her name and the school she will be graduating from:

“I’m homeschooled, so I’m graduating from my house!”


That girl.

We had a senior banquet at church this week, too, and the Christian improv group that provided the entertainment had me laughing harder than I’ve laughed in a VERY long time. Or maybe ever! Highly recommended, should you ever be in a position to hire a group like that.

Lindsey says her public school friends keep asking what day she’s graduating and she tells them whenever she gets all her work done. Yep! {So hop to it, girlie!}

Brandon = College Grad!

After much hard work, our oldest has earned his Bachelor of Music in Education degree! We are very proud of Brandon, not just for this accomplishment, but for the man he has become. And I love seeing his wife absolutely beaming; Diane truly is Brandon’s biggest cheerleader.


Until the university president’s speech, I’d never thought of the fact that the graduation ceremony is called a “commencement” because it’s a beginning of the next part of their lives.

I like that. I like beginnings.

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