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Quick and easy self care ideas

When we think “self-care” we often think expensive and/or time-consuming but most of us — especially us moms — can’t realistically commit to weekly massages or sunrise yoga sessions. (This is the part where I picture you murmuring something along the lines of “As if!” under your breath.)

So I guess we should just skip self-care until we can do it big. Right? WRONG!

C’mon, mama: you’ve earned this. And I bet you’ve learned by now that you need to keep yourself functioning well in order to keep the family functioning well, because if Mama ain’t happy… well, we know how that goes!


Today I’m sharing a list of self-care ideas you can do that won’t break the bank or take much time.

20 quick and easy self care ideas:

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1- Use a dish soap with a scent you love. You have do do dishes anyway, so why not get a little dose of happy while you do? Mrs Meyer’s are my faves this time of year, particularly orange clove and apple cider. When I can get to Target I buy them there, but you can order them online as well.

2- Treat your feet to comfy slippers or cozy socks.

3- Light a candle or two. They set a soothing mood and can smell heavenly.

4- Sleep on a silk pillowcase. It’s good for hair and skin, stays cooler than normal pillowcases, and I like the zipper on this one.

5- Why are you saving your favorite mug for special days? Use it every time you have coffee or tea!

quick and easy self care ideas

6- Stir a little collagen powder into your coffee or tea. It adds protein and is good for joints and skin.

7- Spend a few minutes each morning s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g.

8- Keep hand lotion handy, especially in winter months when skin tends to get dry and sometimes even crack.

9- Do a few exercises while waiting for your tea to steep, or while you’re cooking dinner. Try a few squats, lunges, or incline push-ups with hand on the counter.

10- Keep healthy snacks handy. Often the reason we reach for pre-packaged or processed foods is because they’re easier but having fruit or cut up veggies handy makes good choices easy.

11- Also keep a stash of good quality chocolate. (Because chocolate!) My current obsession is Alter Eco’s dark chocolate sea salt bar, and no, I don’t share. Bonus points: it’s fair trade, organic, and available at many local grocery stores.

12- Set up a bird feeder to you can see it through the windows as you go about your day. I love the idea of a window feeder like this to see them up close but I haven’t tried one yet.

13- Put out fresh flowers. You can find some really nice $5 bouquets, especially if you have a Trader Joe’s near you!

14- Keep a book handy in case you have a chance to read a chapter or two. Unless I’ve already chosen the next book from my stack, I get bogged down in indecision if I’ve only got a short time to read; I recommend going ahead and choosing a specific book if you’re not already in the middle of one.

15- List (in your head or in a notebook) three things you’re thankful for.

16- Have a potted plant or two around the house. They’re good for the air and even have been shown to improve your mood.

17- Keep water handy so you’ll drink more throughout the day.

18- Do an at-home face mask. Extra fun if you get the peel-off kind!

19- Set down the smartphone, especially before bedtime.

20- Get outside a few minutes several times a day, when possible. Sunshine is good for the soul and helps you feel more awake. During the season when days are shorter, it’s extra important to soak it up while you can.

What else would you add?

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I hope you and your family are staying safe and healthy during this time that is especially risky for hospital workers!