Handmade Quilted Christmas Stockings

Our new additions to the family this year were the perfect excuse to make new Christmas stockings!

DIY Quilted Christmas Stockings

Cute stockings need cute fabric!

These felt stockings seemed easy enough and were totally cute, so I drew up designs to make for each of us. However, when I went to buy wool felt at a local craft store, there were dozens of people in line before me at the fabric cutting desk, including a lady with – I kid you not – four shopping carts full of fabric to be cut.

Um, no. Navigating that mess would’ve brought out my inner Scrooge, so I went home to develop a new plan.

Quilted stockings were really what I wanted all along. But since I’d made some years ago as a gift, I knew quilted Christmas stockings would take more time and brain power than felt stockings. After seeing these on Pinterest, though, I decided to go for it.

Kathryn helped me choose on fabrics.com; we ordered and the fabric was to my door a few days later! We ordered one “design roll,” which included 18 thin strips of various coordinating fabric, and half-yards of a few other fabrics, including one that just screamed retro adorableness for my own stocking!

retro hostess fabric

Christmas stockings in the making:

I probably could’ve completed this entire project — all five uniquely quilted stockings — in one weekend, but in real life-with-kids, it took me nearly two weeks as I snatched bits of time here and there. I didn’t follow that lovely tutorial I found because, frankly, my brain just doesn’t understand sewing patterns; everything I’ve ever made {curtains, pillows, aprons, etc} has been out of my own quirky head.

Kathryn helped me choose which fabrics to use on which stockings, and when I sketched out my designs, she chose the chevron for herself.

NOTE: While viewing these in-process photos, please be sure to imagine many odd concentration-induced facial expressions, much tea drinking, plus classical music playing via iTunes Radio.

piecing quilted Christmas stockings

stockings ready to be quilted

quilted stockings

And finally…

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care:

Christmas stockings on mantle

I’m so pleased with how our stockings came out. My family adores them, and they are now eagerly awaiting the goodies they’ll hold on Christmas morning!

Bonus projects!

Pinterest inspired me to do two other related projects as well!

I had so many little scraps of fabric left from the strips I bought for stockings that I decided to make a rag wreath. My original plan was to hang it on the mirror over the fireplace but decided to hang it on the chalkboard in the kitchen instead.


It was super simple to make, and the metal wreath frame was only about $2.50 so it was cheap, too!

Aaaaand I have to tell you about how I hung the stockings this year! I realized we didn’t have enough of the nifty Safetygrip hooks I’d used in years past, and I think those ones that sit on the mantle are a concussion waiting to happen, so I found this fantastic idea of using a cafe curtain rod and those Command adhesive hooks. I already had both in the house, so I tried it and it worked perfectly! Yay!

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