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quilted star table topper

Still riding on the high of finishing my youngest grandson’s baby quilt, I decided to make several quilted gifts. My favorites were these little “Sister’s Choice” quilted star table toppers. I made a few in different color schemes, and choosing the fabrics was half the fun — and challenge. I can’t always see how it will go together until I have the fabrics actually laying next to each other. While I do love using scrap fabric, I don’t always have what I’m looking for in regards to particular color schemes. But it’s fun to buy a few new ones and find what works.

Quilted star table topper; great handmade gift idea

Red, White, & Jadeite

For this first one, I chose colors to complement my mom’s kitchen. She has a collection of red and white china, much of which belonged to her grandmother, as well as a lovely collection of jadeite. My goal was to incorporate fabrics to bring all of that together.

red, white, and jade green quilted table topper handmade gift

Quick & simple patchwork projects

The tutorial I used came from the book, Lunch-Hour Patchwork: 15 Easy to Start (and Finish!) Projects. It’s a nice paperback with clear instructions, but these did take me more than an hour to do! Getting all those triangles to line up just right took work, and I had to take some of them apart and start over to get them right. For anyone with more sewing or quilting experience, these would come together more quickly.

I made this one for a mostly black and white kitchen as a housewarming gift.

black, white, and grey Sisters Choice quilted table topper

I love hand quilting and that’s what I’ve done on all of the baby quilts and the one full size quilt I’ve made. However, these little table toppers were a good opportunity to practice machine quilting. I’m perfectly happy with my little sewing machine, and have no plans for one made to do big quilts, but it was fun running these through the machine because it was so fast!

I combined these red and blue fabrics just because I like them together.

red, white, and blue quilted star table topper

I also made the Country Home Pot Holder out of this same project book, although I forgot to get a photo of it. I liked how it came together, and I’ll likely make several more when I get on my next quilting kick.

What colors would you love to see together in a table topper like this?

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I think you did a great job!