9 random things in my brain right now

Ken says my mind is a scary place because it never stops. Ever. Which sometimes makes sleeping a challenge. It’d be great to have a switch to flip off, but it is what it is!

random things

So let’s just jump into a little of the randomness that is my brain. In no particular order, these are a handful of topics my mind is jumping ’round and ’round with lately:

1- I’ll need a grandma name.

Since all our future grandkids will end up calling us whatever the first grandchild calls us, I need to think this through! I don’t want a cutesy name, but I also don’t want one that brings to mind a white-haired little old lady – but will still work when I am a white-haired little old lady.

{Though I’m not a big fan of the title Granny, I totally want to be Violet from Downton Abbey when I grow up.}

2- The human body is amazing.

It’s crazy what has to happen in the body just to make a muscle flex. I took this screen shot from one of the online parts of my personal trainer study because it blows my mind!


3- The beach.

We’re eagerly anticipating our next trip, especially with the recent rainy-cold-yucky weather. We’re working on plans to move there someday, too; we just don’t know when “someday” is yet.

4- I’m rocking my personal trainer studies.

I decided to do a practice test about two weeks ago and scored a 72%! That might not sound impressive, but considering I still had 6 chapters left to read at that time, I’m seriously stoked. Now I’ve finished my entire book, so my flashcards and I are BFFs  so I can name muscle groups and explain what the golgi tendon organ is and what exercises are contra-indicated for certain medical conditions…

Actually, this is probably mostly what’s in my brain right now because of all this studying! I’ve scheduled my REAL test for next month!!!

5- The baby.

I told Diane I’m either a crazy uterus stalker or an excited grandmother-to-be because I have a pregnancy app on my iPhone and I’m eagerly tracking how the baby is growing! Once we know the baby’s gender, I’m going to have a hard time not buying ALL THE THINGS for this little one.


The first ever picture of my first ever grandbaby:

6- We can have Cousin Camp.

I have friends whose kids spend a week or two every summer with their grandparents, at the same time all the other grandkids visit. They all look forward to “Cousin Camp” every year. How awesome would that be at the beach!? Maybe in a room like this?

If our kids have just two kids each (pretty average), we’ll have ten grandchildren; if they all end up with five kids like we have, we could have 25 grandchildren! That boggles my mind. Maybe we’ll need a bigger bunk!

7- Artsy things.

Kathryn has opened an etsy shop! We’ve talked about how fun it would be to make this into a little joint venture, so I need to get busy creating!

8- My hair.

I’m kind of growing it out but not too much because although I like long hair, I’ll only end up putting in a ponytail pretty much every day. So I’m growing into something along the lines of this or this. But when summer finally gets here I might just go back to this. Because although I do love summer, there’s no way around the humid/sweaty factor here in the South and my fine-but-thick hair does whacky things when the weather is hot and sticky.

9- My anniversary.

Next month Ken and I will celebrate ten years of marriage. Which is really kind of funny when you think about the fact we’re about to become grandparents. I don’t think we’ll be able to actually get away but we’ll celebrate close to home and probably send the kids to my mom’s for the weekend.

* * * * *

What’s on YOUR mind lately?