Releasing Our Butterflies

We kept our butterflies about a week and a half after they emerged from their chrysalises, but we wanted to let them go before their short life span ended. Painted Lady butterflies, like we have, live an average of two to four weeks.

The day before we released them, we noticed at least one pair mating. This means we’ll likely have descendants of our current butterflies flitting around here the rest of the summer, and beyond.

They didn’t seem to want to fly away immediately.


Butterfly on Dandelion

Lacy the WonderDog tried to chase them and catch them. We yelled at her to leave them alone, so she went and plopped down in the cool grass.
Lacy watches Butterfly Release

One had a damaged wing that may have prevented it from flying well, so we put it on a flower we know butterflies like, and hoped for the best. We watched until all the others had flown away. We have so many flowers around our house that we expect the butterflies to stay nearby, and Kathryn will be on the lookout for caterpillars that could be our butterflies’ babies.