Remembering on Memorial Day

Kathryn sitting by my great uncle’s memorial stone

This is Kathryn at 8 months old (Memorial Day of 2001) sitting next to the memorial marker for my great-uncle George Walker. He was taken prisoner during WWII and was lost at sea when the ship he was on (as a POW) was sunk. His marker is in the Marietta National Cemetery. As far as I know, he is my only relative to have actually died in service to our country, but many of my relatives — including my grandfather, my father-in-law, and my uncles — have served.

Today I am also remembering my Grandaddy, who was very proud to have served his country. This hat was one of his favorites, and I have quite a few photos over the years of Grandaddy in his WWII Veteran hat.

Kathryn with Gran & Grandaddy: Memorial Day 2001

To all those past and present who protect our country and preserve our freedom, I want to say a big and humble THANK YOU.