Back-to-School Inspiration for Moms {Giveaway!}

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Inspiration for Moms giveaway

For most of us, back-to-school time is coming soon — but even you year-rounders and my Southern hemisphere friends can join the fun! 😉 I’m giving away a delightful pile of goodies to make up this “tool kit” of Inspiration for Moms (and kids!). Total prize value: approximately $120.

Giveaway goodies:

Thirty Days of Bible Study for Busy Moms

I think “busy mom” is redundant. Because all moms are busy! I’ve learned that some time in the Word is vital to my sanity, but squeezing it in every day can be hard. So this little study on Colossians is fantastic. (Buy your own e-book version if you don’t win!)

Music from Yancy!

My whole family loves Yancy‘s music. We have two of her CD’s and every time I play them in the car, all the little feet start tapping and heads start bopping. Even though the little kids love her music, it’s not too kiddie; I play it in the car when I’m alone, too! Yancy is generously giving my winner: a “Roots for the Journey” CD and a “Rock-N-Happy Heart” CD and accompanying daily devotion. You can even download a free app to go along with the “Roots” CD!


(in)courage perpetual calendar

A little bit of inspiration for each day.

The Invisible Woman – by Nicole Johnson.

I first read this years ago and have loaned it to several friends who need a reminder that moms may not get many accolades in this world, but we are never invisible to God.

Just Mom and Me Having Tea.

You know I love any excuse for tea! This is a fun little mother-daughter Bible study with interactive questions, and includes a keepsake journal.

George Washington Carver: From Slave to Scientist

We love books from YWAM. They have a huge variety of biographies, and we use them in our homeschool often, but Kathryn often reads them just for fun. If I’d had books like this when I was her age, I’d have loved history as much as she does. Their International Adventures series is wonderful, too!

Good Morning, God.

This book designed to read with children age one to eight years old, and includes gentle prayers to encourage them to enjoy the Lord all day long. The illustrations are lovely works of art. A big THANK YOU to the folks at Apologia for providing this book and accompanying coloring book to add to my giveaway! (Buy it here.)

How Do We Know God is Really There?

Another book donated by Apologia for this giveaway! Kathryn loved this one because the story involves astronomy, one of her favorite topics! (Buy it, or read more about it here.)

Bible Q-and-A cards

These question and answer cards go along with The Beginner’s Bible. A fun way to learn more about the stories you may already be enjoying.

$5 Gift Certificate from CurrClick

CurrClick has all sorts of online classes, lapbooks, ebooks, and unit studies to enrich your homeschool! At least 1000 of them are FREE, and you can browse by age, subject, or publisher. There is an open house later this month where you can find out more and have a chance to win free classes!

CurrClick Open House

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More fun!

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Have fun!

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  1. Julie J says

    Thanks for the chance to win … especially as we are just now transitioning from our slower summer schedule to starting school soon!

  2. Megan says

    Beautiful giveaway pack. I love the inspirational books that remind of what is really important in this life.

  3. Sarah M. says

    Ooooh, thank you for this giveaway! I hadn’t heard of the YWAM biographies before and now I’m super-interested.

  4. Sara says

    I agree with everyone else, what a great giveaway. I’ve read about several of you homeschool bloggers talking about the YWAM books, but then I always forget about them! Thank you for the reminder – I have to find some for my daughter!

  5. Mellissa says

    What a great giveaway! Thank you for the chance to enter, we would put all of these things to good use.

  6. trisha kilpatrick says

    I am most excited about the Thirty Days of Bible Study for Busy Moms. That just sounds wonderfully refreshing.

  7. Julie says

    What a great giveaway! My 5 kids & I love reading the YWAM books aloud before our devotion/Bible time together!

  8. Michele G. says

    As a fairly new homeschooler & foster mom, these books would be a FANTASTIC addition for us! Here’s to winning :)

  9. Stacy says

    Jamie, thank you so much for encouraging others with info about your day-to-day… I know this blog is a lot of work, but you have spoken words of truth during an enlightening and heart-changing time, and I praise the Lord for it, and for your e-presence as it revealed God’s truth in real-life situations. I have prayed for you during your mentioned hardships of late, and have been very excited to read your candor about your experience with your foster-adopt process, emotions and all. Thank you again.

  10. Jennifer Garcia-Hicks says

    Great Giveaway! Looking forward to homeschooling my 3 kids for the first time this fall!

  11. Nikki Jackson says

    I love this giveaway. We are always looking for inspiration for our children and I think sometimes we need to find it for ourselves as well.

  12. Lori H says

    Fantastic giveaway of so many resources that will provide great encouragement. Thank you for offering this.

  13. Aimee says

    Wow! What a great give-away! I appreciate your heart seen through the books that you chose to bless another homeschool mom with.

  14. says

    These books look wonderful. I am just returning to faith and trying to build up a little library of books on the topic for my girls. Would love to win these!

  15. Katrina says

    Thank you so much.. Looks like a wonderful giveaway. This is our first year homeschooling and we are so so excited.. 😀

  16. Kendra Weigen says

    What a wonderful way to demonstrate putting our faith to action. I have been looking for something like this for this school year, thank you for the chance to win it and the idea in case I do not.

  17. Luz m says

    What a beautiful basket you have put together with much though and love. The Bible studies alone are just what I need in this season. Thanks for the opportunity.

  18. Maureen says

    My eight year old son is asking about “How Do We Know God is Really There?” so this book would be the perfect guide for me to answer this question. Thank you.

  19. Diane says

    My kids are 6 and 3 and we’ve already talked about George Washington Carver while eating peanut butter. Would love to read them this book

  20. Rebekah says

    This is an awesome basket! I would LOVE to win it…especially because of the Apologia book! We’re using their curriculum to study astronomy this year!

  21. Jennifer says

    I am homeschooling my 2 daughters for the first time this year, and these books would be perfect for us! Thanks for the great giveaway! :)

  22. Heidi Smith says

    I will be beginning my first year of homeschooling in a few weeks, so I can use all of the encouragement I can get!! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  23. Carolina VEga says

    Those titles!! I want them all, I hav etwo daughters so I am sooooo getting the JUST MOM…. devo! hope I can get this basket!

  24. Kelly says

    I’m having so much fun entering these contests! I’m an adoptive mom in a blended family too. 4 kids and never been pregnant.

  25. Joann Calderone says

    Great giveaway. Thank you so much. Am homeschooling 4 yr. old and need all the encouragement and inspiration I can get at times.

  26. Lisa says

    My prayer this year is that each family spends more time in prayer about what God wants them to be teaching instead of what they think they should be teaching. We did this last year and it was fabulous! It is easy to get distracted with what we think we should be doing instead of following God’s will for us. I put the academics aside and spent more quality time with my kids and the Lord! Thanks for the great giveaway! God bless!

  27. Suzanne says

    There are so many great books in this basket!! I hope I can win it but no matter who it is, they are going to love it!!!

  28. says

    What a great basket of goodies. The only thing I have out of what you are offering is the book The Invisible Woman. That is one of my favorite books. I have shared mine many times but am always afraid I wont get it back. With a second copy I would give it away to bless some other mom.

  29. Heather Bardin says

    What a great combination of encouragement! So glad both Mom and children are included :) What a blessing to the family!

  30. Amber Landers says

    What a great basket…thank you for a chance to win!! Homeschoolers need back to school things too!!

  31. Rhonda says

    Thanks for the chance to win – as a first year homeschooling mom who just quit her job to stay home – free books sound great! I could use the encouragement, too!

  32. Elissa says

    I’m loving all of these giveaways! What great ideas I’m finding on all of your wonderful blogs, too!

  33. Tracey M. says

    So excited about the Q and A cards for the Beginner’s Bible, Thirty Days of Bible Study for Mom, YWAM unit, and the Mom and Me Having Tea! Such an inspirational basket – hoping we win it! Thank you for the chance to grow closer to god. These resources would help my daughter and I both build a better relationship with God while we spend quality time together. Thanks a bunch for the chance!

  34. Kelly Schmidt says

    would LOVE to win this! All these books would help… and I was just going to buy the George Washington Carver book. LOL This would help!

  35. Crystal Rose says

    I would love to check out the (in)courage perpetual calendar and all of the other prizes. Thanks for the giveaway!

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