Seller cabinet second makeover

Back in 2012, I bought a 1930’s freestanding kitchen cabinet, similar to the more commonly known Hoosier cabinet but made by Sellers. It was exactly the size I wanted for the breakfast area of my kitchen, but it had seen better days, so I gave it a makeover.

See the whole before/after, plus the original patent drawing and a vintage ad for Sellers Cabinets.

She was fabulous, and perfect for our previous home.

sellers cabinet AFTER

New home, new ‘do.

Later, in our new home, I felt the ol’ girl needed another makeover. A few years later, I finally gave her one. This was shortly after we had to rip apart our kitchen and put it back together after a major leak, and it was 2020 and I was at home with a whole lot of time on my hands and needed a happy project!

Knowing the cabinet’s original color was “sea crest green” and feeling inspired by the Jadeite pieces I adore, I chose a jade green chalk paint. My mom and I both have some Jadeite and they go really well both with her vintage red and white china, and my blue and white china. I just love it.

I studied the old patent drawing and any photos I could find online of other similar cabinets to get an idea of more authentically original hardware, and decided to go with with oil-rubbed bronze pulls. This is likely much more how she looked back in her early years.

antique Hoosier style Sellers cabinet in jade green chalk paint

Living her best Sellers-cabinet life.

This year, I’m re-doing my entire kitchen (posts and photos coming soon!) and my dear Sellers Cabinet wasn’t going to have an ideal home in my kitchen anymore. Our house is small and I simply did not have anywhere else I could put it — so after much deliberation, I chose to find her a new home where she’d be fully appreciated.

antique sellers cabinet full of canned preserves and more

Now this old girl lives in the kitchen of a homeschooling, homesteading local friend who bakes and makes preserves and cans vegetables and raises chickens and such. At nearly 100 years old, this hard-working piece of furniture is living out her calling once again, holding all those precious canned preserves, with an antique bread bowl nestled on top. Can’t you almost smell that fresh-baked loaf of bread?