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Foster Adoption: Sense of Humor Required

This adventure with two new kids in the family requires a sense of humor. Thankfully, Ken has that in spades, and his humor helps me keep my sanity.

I’ve managed not to actually pull out my hair (yet!) but there are times I’ve considered it. The non-stop dirt bike sound effects make me a little crazy sometimes. The never-ending questions can frazzle me. Or the seemingly constant reminders I have to give: Sit on your bottom; don’t put your head in that; leave that alone; don’t grab the dog’s tail; don’t lay on the dog; we don’t jump on furniture (or off the stairs, or on each other, or off the play set); chew before you take another bite; etc, etc…

Each evening, I’ve spent some time catching Ken up on our day: our adventure to the doctor’s office for a required check-up; how I entertained Jem while waiting for Scout at school; various conversations I’ve had with the kids throughout the day. And Ken has nearly wet his pants laughing so hard. 😉


Ken’s sense of humor is such a blessing because if he had a high-stress or negative personality, we could both easily get ourselves worked up about everything, which would just snowball into relating negatively with the kids. These happenings don’t all seem hilarious at the moment I’m living them, but looking back at them as Ken loses his breath laughing certainly helps me put things back in perspective, and I find myself laughing, too.

Kathryn has told me numerous times since they moved in,

They are SO annoying — but they are SO cute!!!

(I will admit that Scout and Jem’s cuteness factor does work in their favor.)

To those who have been asking: We’re hanging in there. These adjustments would be hard anyway, but certainly moving two new children in less than 24 hours after my dad’s death has been extra hard. Our caseworker offered to let us push the move-in date later, but I told her it wouldn’t change anything so we might as well stick to the plan. We’ve had friends and family bring us meals, which has been amazingly helpful. Ken has been awesome in taking over in the evenings when I am simply DONE for the day. Lindsey gave the kids their baths one night, and Kathryn has been a fantastic helper all week. I’m very blessed.

Although things are crazy right now, there is no doubt that Scout and Jem have brought a whole lot of life to this house, exactly when it was needed.

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Erin - The Usual Mayhem

I bet you sleep like a rock every night!

A sense of humour is definitely neccessary for being around little kids. I reminded myself of this all weekend as my little guy “helped” with painting, packing, and moving boxes to storage and necessitated re-painting, re-packing, and picking up broken things that fell out of boxes.


A lot of cartoons throughout my life has contributed to my sense of humor. See, cartoon can be used for good; they help keep my wife’s sanity. Thanks for not posting the video of me rolling down the hill with the kids yesterday.
I love you,
Your sense of humor rock


awww, she is lucky to have you! Maybe you could give my hubby some tips, LOL!

Ellen, the Bluestocking Belle

Bringing life to the house when it was needed. I love that. What a blessing!


We added 6 year old twins to our family 4 days before Christmas and without a sense of humor, I’m not sure how we would have survived. For the first month, they were so terrified of everything that they came into our room 6-8 times a night. We finally put a mattress on our floor and let them sleep in our room for a month. We’ve just celebrated 2 weeks of them sleeping in their own rooms and that has helped my sanity a ton! My older kids have also been a huge blessing as we’ve adjusted to being a… Read more »


Girl, I am praying for you. You should really check out the Created for Care retreat next year. I think you would benefit greatly now that you have these two little ones. I really enjoyed it and found it helpful, not to mention it was a nice break for the norm. Register early, they fill up fast. God bless!

I love reading your updates about the kids. I’ll pray for your sanity. I know if it were me I would need the prayers. 😉


LOL – sometimes I think cuteness is the main factor in the survival of the species.


Glad things are going well! I’ve said more than once that the cuteness of our 2 little foster boys is what keeps it bearable. Although when they are sick and snotty, some of the cuteness erodes, LOL!


The last statement of your blog just neutralizes the whole thing. It’s like, reading all that you’re going through (and I am in that very same stage of life right now with a 7 and 4 year old) is leveled after taking in that last statement. It was awesome! About the never-ending reminders…been there still doing that!!!

Thanks for sharing week to week.

Zephyr Hill

Yes, a sense of humor really does make a difference. I’m glad Ken’s helps you–and that he helps you when you’re tired! That makes a big difference in being able to see the funny side of things!

Lindsay @ Bytes of Memory

Glad you are seeing the funny through the crazy!! I have often said if I don’t laugh I will cry and laughing is way more fun! 🙂


Trying to imagine adding two new bundles of energy to my house all at once instead of bringing them in the teeny-tiny newborn way. I’m worn out just thinking about it!


I love reading your posts about foster adoption (and homeschooling…and life). We too are trying to foster adopt. We have not been matched yet and it is a harder road than I thought it would be. I find your openness very encouraging!!!


I am a fairly new reader of your blog. I have been enjoying the old and new posts on adoption and foster care. My husband and I have just been licensed and are waiting to be matched with our kiddos. Thank you for sharing so much of your life.