Snowy Fun in the sunny South!

This is a view I don’t often see out my window…
Snowy View
On the rare occasions we do get snow here, it tends to be mostly ice, so it’s not very fun to play in. Yesterday, however, we had a nice fluffy snow — about five inches, which is the most Kathryn has ever seen, and maybe Lindsey, too! Lindsey attempted to build a snowman in the backyard, but Lacy is a crazy snowman-killing dog, so that proved impossible.
Lacy attacking snowman

The front yard, beyond the reach of Lacy’s snowman-demolishing paws, proved to be a better place to build a snowman. The snowman was SO big that Ken and Lindsey had to transport his parts in a wheelbarrow!
Snowman in Wheelbarrow
Georgia snowmen are kinda hairy because of pine needles!

This morning, we went sledding across the street. This was a first for both Lindsey and Kathryn! As a matter of fact, my dad gave Kathryn this sled about four years ago and this is the first time we’ve ever been able to use it!Lindsey…

Lindsey sledding

Kathryn sledding

And Ken…
Ken sledding

I gave Lacy her first lesson in becoming a sled-dog. (Although, admittedly, there is not much call for that here in Georgia!) Every time I said, “mush,” she ate snow. But finally, she took off!
This was fun!
Sled Dog Lacy
The girls made snow angels, then we had to go in and warm up Kathryn’s toes. Once everybody was thoroughly thawed, we walked over to my mom’s house. She had cinnamon rolls in the oven for us, and brewed fresh coffee for Ken. As we were leaving, Ken noticed bunny tracks in the snow; I should really expand on that for a good nature study!Now the snow is melting, but it’s been fun. I’d been saying I wanted at least
one good sled-able snow before spring came, and we got it!