spill the “tea”…

That’s what the cool kids say nowadays, isn’t it? I looked up the origin of the phrase — because I’m not actually all that cool AND because I have teenagers so I try to stay on top of things like this — and it basically means the scoop, or gossip, usually about someone else. Depending on what source you trust, the phrase has some pretty interesting possible origins, possibly from drag queen culture or maybe just old ladies sipping tea while gossiping about the folks at church.

Regardless, here’s the tea for you today: after a long hiatus, I am re-launching See Jamie blog.

the kind of tea to expect:

With me, tea usually means tea, quite literally: the hot, somewhat caffeinated beverage that helps me function.

Or there’s Kermit’s version, which I also enjoy:

So whatever it means, you can count on the fact this blog will always have the tea.

What else to expect?

Although I no longer write new content on either subject, you’ll still find quite a lot in my archives on homeschooling and adoption, as those were the primary topics on this blog for over over a decade. Even as I continue to curate my old content, I will keep those posts easily accessible.

dog plus tea equals happiness

My new focus will include DIY projects such as furniture refinishing, the quilts I’ll someday make more often, staying organized in our small 1960’s home, and our upcoming kitchen re-do. I’ll share about coastal living because I’m seven years in and still getting a kick out of it. And books, of course, because I’m always reading.

I’ll likely include a bit about my new obsession with learning the shag dance, plus a smidge about running my own fitness studio. There’ll be a sprinkling of family life, but as anyone with older kids knows, it’s tricky to share much of anything while respecting their privacy so I don’t do much of that these days.

Whether you’re new here, or have been following along for years, thanks for reading.

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I’m looking forward to catching up with you. I always enjoyed reading your blog, and now that I’m about to be graduating out of the homeschool lifestyle, I need to see what life is like outside that realm, and get some inspiration!


So glad to hear you’re back, looking forward to your new adventures. I personally LOVE Diy projects..


Jaime, you’re back! So looking forward to reading your blog. I’m a longtime follower..when I first starting reading your blog, I was homeschooling three kids, and now I’m down to one who is a sophomore in high school…the older two graduated and are in college and work. I also work part-time from home. I also started walking for fitness, a little over a year ago; and then started working on taking better care of myself with a healthier diet and supplements. I feel so much better. I enjoy following the furniture refinishing project people out there (hoping I get to… Read more »