My Spring Break

Oh my gracious. I have cleaned and organized like a MAD WOMAN this week!

I started to write out all the things I’ve been doing this week, but that just made even more tired! In short, I’ve cleaned and/or organized just about everything in this house, and made plans for cleaning and/or organizing the few things that have escaped my grasp this week. I declared war on dust, donated bags and bags of stuff we don’t need, and even made my houseplants happy. (I even bought them a couple of new friends!)

I accomplished most of my overly-ambitious to-do list, and then some.

But the most notable thing about my week has been that Ken and Lindsey were gone on a mission trip to Dominican Republic, and Kathryn has been with her dad and his family for spring break. This is the first time EVER that I’ve gone more than a day without talking to Ken.

Thankfully, I did have Lacy the WonderDog to keep me company — but she’s not the best conversationalist. Besides, she was too busy watching bunnies nibble clover in the yard.
Ken and Lindsey should be home any time now, and Kathryn is coming back tonight.

I really enjoy some alone time, but this has been entirely. too. much.