Springtime Flower Garden

My flower garden makes me sooooo happy in the springtime, so I want to share it with you.

I’d like to have a pretty wreath on the front door, but birds build nests in it, and then we can’t go in and out that door for weeks for the sake of the baby birds. So it remains wreath-less. The hosta to the left took a few years to get going, but is doing well now. I forgot what that delicate purple-flowered ground cover is called but I love it.


This rose stays a nice manageable size, and is a gorgeous bright pink color! (Downside: it tends to get black spot worse than my other roses.)

This rose bush gets HUGE, and is a peachier shade of pink. It stays full of blooms all through spring and summer, and usually into October!

Under the ornamental cherry tree, I have lavender, mums, peonies, purple irises, and more.

Right now I have two kinds of irises: a solid dark purple, and these two-tone bearded irises. But thanks to Ken’s grandma, I’ll have about eight new colors of iris next spring! EXCITING!!!

This variety of columbine is so dark purple it almost looks black.

My lilacs are blooming like crazy this spring! I wish this could be scratch-n-sniff because they smell truly heavenly. Seriously, I think heaven may be lilac scented.

Teeny, tiny, yellow roses. I adore them.

Blue-purple vinca with hot pink azaleas in the background.

I wish they were more sturdy, but for the beauty of an individual blossom, it’s hard to top a peony. These soft pink peonies opened yesterday, and I have two other colors that haven’t bloomed yet.

These rhododendrons are still young and small, but the blooms are a delightful shade of purple. I love purple flowers of all kinds because they are a bit more of a challenge to find. Besides that, they look fabulous with yellows, pinks, even an occasional orange (like my summertime daylilies) for contrast.

I have plans to get the family to help me do some major expansion of our flower beds this spring. It will be a lot of work initially, but my eventual goal is to have more naturalized areas in our yard, and less lawn to mow.

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