Springtime: Planning for Next Homeschool Year

Not many extras right now – and that’s okay!

Both girls decided to do testing to try to earn the next belt in Choi Kwang Do — and they both passed! Now they are White Belt Seniors.


I’m glad they were able to do this, as we’re in a season right now of not doing much in the way of “extras” in our homeschool. Getting our basics done each week is cause for celebration — and that’s fine because we know there will be time for those extras later. Maybe we can even have an art focus this summer, which could be a fun way to spend rainy days when we can’t go to the neighborhood pool.

Kathryn is working on ocean box, a project she’ll continue on after we’ve finished Exploring Creation with Zoology. It’s fun when we get to combine creative art projects with other subjects — and this project will be something else she can do on through the summer. She is delighted with how her octopus turned out:


Thinking about our next homeschool year:

We’ve been trying out doing our science and history read-alouds as scheduled, even on days when Jem is at home all day. He likes to crawl up on the sofa with us and listen, even if he doesn’t understand everything we’re reading. This has gone better than we had anticipated. A good thing since we hope to have both little kids at home for school next year (which all depends on where we are in the adoption process at that time).

{Below: Kathryn helps with baby Riley; playing concentration with Jem; reading a look-and-find book; WonderDog enjoys a moment of peace and quiet!}
KidsCollageThe concept of homeschool is new to Scout and Jem, but I’m using opportunities whenever I can to give it a little plug. One day, when Kathryn was knitting, and answering Scout’s questions about how to do it, I mentioned, “Knitting is something Kathryn does for homeschool.” Right on cue, Scout said, “Can I do homeschool someday?” Why yes, yes you can. 😉

I’ve not yet ordered anything for next school year, but I’m doing some tentative homeschool planning. I know Kathryn will do Teaching Textbooks again next year because we’ve been very pleased with it (see my review) and she says, “it’s the only math I don’t hate.”

Life skills!

Again, Lindsey is working, working, working, and adding in a few babysitting jobs when she can, to pay for her mission trip — in addition, of course, to paying for her phone, her car, gasoline, etc… Life skills are a huge focus for her this year, even more so than academics. She’s plugging on through math and anatomy and history, too, though.

Kathryn has been doing more in the way of life skills, too. For instance, Brandon and Diane were awesome enough to come watch the kids so Ken and I could go out to dinner for our anniversary last weekend, and Kathryn took care of making and serving dinner. She’s a big help daily with the kids. I was sick this week, and she was super about helping Scout with homework and helping Ken with bedtime, etc.

Where are you, Spring?

It’s been unseasonably cold for this time of year, but our irises are beginning to bloom and our peach tree is beautiful with pink blooms. At a ladies’ night out, I painted a springtime scene, even though this week we had snow flurries — which is very weird for spring in Georgia!


I’ll be Lysoling everything in the house today, as I’ve had the stomach crud and Jem woke up with it last night. I’m hoping the rest of the house does NOT get it! Today is a bit warmer so I may open up the windows and air things out.

Happy Easter weekend, y’all!

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