State of the Blog 2016

Every year, I like analyzing what sort of content I wrote and what I want to write in the coming year. I really like knowing what my readers liked, and what brought folks to my corner of the blogiverse.

This year on See Jamie blog:

I published significantly fewer posts than in previous years, but that’s part of working on better balance in life online and off. I also chose not to write any sponsored posts and drastically cut down on ads. This meant less blog-related income but it was worth the trade-off for a simpler design, fewer deadlines, and less stress.

I did, however, revive my facebook page, which is where I share those great links I previously shared in my now-discontinued “week-end” posts.

As a fun way to explore our new town, I did a 100 Day Project on instagram. My little project was picked up by a local magazine and featured in the summer edition!

My blog was named a 2016 Best Adoptive Mom Blog and listed as one of the Top 100 Adoption Blogs. I’m honored to be included on these lists.

Top 5 posts written in 2016 (based on overall views):

A few searches that brought readers here:
how to enjoy being a homeschool mom
adopting a teenager
— piyo reviews

hate having an introvert friend

My top 5 all-time most popular posts:

  1.  25 Prayers for my Husband (2011)
  2. How to be Friends with an Introvert (2014)
  3. 100 Shoebox Ideas for Girls (2012)
  4. The Cook’s Book Recipe Binder (2010)
  5. Workbox Crate: simplified homeschooling (2015)

What I have planned for 2017…

You know what? I haven’t decided yet! Within the next week or so, I’m making time to sit down and do some planning for what I’d like to do here on the blog, as well as non-blog goals and aspirations. I’ve been brainstorming but I haven’t had a lot of quiet time to wrangle my ideas into something a bit more cohesive.

I’d love to know what you’d like to see here next year. Shoot me an email with any topic requests or questions you’d like answered; I promise to keep anything you say/ask anonymous!  Thank you SO MUCH for following along in 2016!

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I always appreciate posts connected to homeschooling teens – but I also know that’s not always easy .

Yolanda Acevedo

Here’s to a brilliant year 2016!
Personally, I love to read about real families and the real challenges that come our way when giving our very best in making our homes a haven. Something I find in your posts.
I also love your adult literary posts, because it helps me in my reading time as well. Thank you!