Summer plans

It’s officially summer (at least in this hemisphere) and I’ve got big plans!

1- Don’t melt.

Always a goal for summer in the South. Although it’s humid as all get-out here, it’s not any worse than back in “Hotlanta” and at least we usually have a bit of a breeze. Still, hot is hot!

2- Beach it, baby!

I’ve heard some folks here say they thought they’d go to the beach often living here, but they just never fit beach time into their real lives.

That’s not us.
beach days with kids

I also signed the little kids up for a day camp I think they’ll enjoy. One reason I chose it: camp includes swimming lessons — a must since we live in a town literally surrounded by water. {Bonus: I get kid-free refueling time.}

3- Turtle sit.

I’m so excited! I’ve received my first official nest assignment, but I’ll also be sitting with friends at least one (maybe two) other nests, waiting for them to hatch.

4- Organize and clean out.

We finally — after 7 months — got our storage shed, so now there’s not excuse not to get the carport and porch cleaned off with anything that doesn’t belong there, and while I’m on a roll organizing that stuff, I need to tackle a few other inside areas that I never fully tamed after our move.

5- Keep running!

You’d think, being born and raised a Georgia girl, that I’d be accustomed to the heat. Nope. In years past, summer would grind my outdoor exercise/activities to a halt, but no more, my friends! Of course I’m using caution: don’t run in the middle of the day, bring water on my run, etc. (See also: #1)

no excuses water while running

6- Read, read, read.

When we’re hanging inside in the hottest part of the day, when we’re at the beach, when I sit on the porch while the kids play outside… you can be sure pretty sure I’ll be reading.

>> What are your summer plans?