Summer Randomness

About a week ago, I took the girls for their first pedicures ever. This is not something we’ll do often because it’s entirely too expensive, but they both said later that they felt a bit like princesses — and that’s a good thing every once in a while. 🙂

(iPhone photo – first pedicures)
first pedicure

(the resulting pretty toes)

We’ve been spending some time at the pool, as well as lazing around in the air conditioned house reading books. Whatever it takes to beat the heat this time of year.

Summertime in our family also means that Kathryn is gone more often to spend several summer weeks with her dad and his family. A difficult part of the blended-family thing.

Lindsey babysat last week from 7AM til 7PM all week, and came home chanting, “I want to be a mom, I want to be a mom…” because she felt the need to remind herself of this after spending twelve hours entire responsible for two little girls. 🙂 What good experience to appreciate what moms really do!

Tonight I’m one of the moms giving a little informational talk at our homeschool support group meeting. I’m talking about the Charlotte Mason style of homeschooling, while another mom is talking about classical style, and we’ll try to answer questions based on what we know about other styles as well. Other moms are talking about other topics: homeschooling with more than two kids; homeschooling with preschoolers; and homeschooling middle and high school.

I just hope the homeschool moms will forgive me if I randomly break into lines from Steel Magnolias. I’ve been going to sleep with lines in my head and waking up with lines in my head. Thankfully, we are having rehearsals EVERY night this week because Saturday is the big day! And we got our movie poster put up in the “Now Playing” glass case at the theater last weekend. So fun!

Oh! A not-so-fun summer thing is the wicked case of poison ivy Ken has on his arms right now. If you know of any good ideas to help with that, please share!