Our Television Interview!

Finally, our television interview is online! We missed the actual airing because it’s at a time when we’re in church on Sundays, but I was closely watching for when it would be online. This is the full episode, which is 23 minutes (since commercials have been cut out). Our part is interspersed throughout.

I really love the part where Shamim, who is involved in the Operation Permanency project, says that when a child’s parental rights are terminated and they are in the custody of the county, that means that the child belongs to everyone in the county. So even if you cannot adopt, you can say a prayer for the children, you can spread the word about the children, and find any way to advocate for the kids who need a forever family.

March 18, 2012 Episode from Keisha Lancelin on Vimeo.

A couple of side-notes: Kathryn did get to answer a few questions in the interview, but she was a little bummed that none of that made it into the final cut. But doesn’t she look adorable? And I promise, Ken really did talk more, and had great things to say, but it’s mostly me talking in our parts. Maybe they just couldn’t resist all my hand gestures (and this was with me really consciously suppressing them!) 😉 Also, since I just don’t ever see myself becoming a vlogger, this is one of your rare opportunities to actually see/hear me talk!

Anyway, I hope you’ll find time to watch this at some point, but not just because we’re in it. It’s also good info about adoption from the foster care system — so feel free to share!