Our Television Interview!

Finally, our television interview is online! We missed the actual airing because it’s at a time when we’re in church on Sundays, but I was closely watching for when it would be online. This is the full episode, which is 23 minutes (since commercials have been cut out). Our part is interspersed throughout.

I really love the part where Shamim, who is involved in the Operation Permanency project, says that when a child’s parental rights are terminated and they are in the custody of the county, that means that the child belongs to everyone in the county. So even if you cannot adopt, you can say a prayer for the children, you can spread the word about the children, and find any way to advocate for the kids who need a forever family.

March 18, 2012 Episode from Keisha Lancelin on Vimeo.

A couple of side-notes: Kathryn did get to answer a few questions in the interview, but she was a little bummed that none of that made it into the final cut. But doesn’t she look adorable? And I promise, Ken really did talk more, and had great things to say, but it’s mostly me talking in our parts. Maybe they just couldn’t resist all my hand gestures (and this was with me really consciously suppressing them!) 😉 Also, since I just don’t ever see myself becoming a vlogger, this is one of your rare opportunities to actually see/hear me talk!

Anyway, I hope you’ll find time to watch this at some point, but not just because we’re in it. It’s also good info about adoption from the foster care system — so feel free to share!

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It’s great that you were able to put a face to adoption, especially an older child adoption. I know what a difference it makes for people to have faces to associate with adoption and realize that there really are kids out there in their own communities who need families. I pray that this touches hearts and spurs action. I love what the social worker said about the kids belonging to everyone in the community and how everyone can do something, even if it’s just praying for the kids. The part where Lindsey spoke about what family used to mean to… Read more »

Kara @ The Chuppies

I choked up in several parts…
When Lindsey starts sharing how she used to view family…and what that means to her now… (tears).
I also really enjoyed hearing Ken talk towards the end…about how you decided on the age range.
I loved the woman who was the main spokesperson…and Keyaisha’s story hit my heart.
That’s what I think about…who will be family in the long-term for these older kiddos?
I didn’t realize you are in Georgia…
Both of our girls are from Georgia…Atlanta and Savannah.


Great job raising awareness!! Your story is touching and I’m so glad I’ve gotten to know you on here!!


That was really moving. I did cringe everytime they said “defects” though. I know that’s not what they mean, but it’s an unfortunate acronym. How are things progressing with the other child you are considering (if you don’t mind me asking)?


Great job Worley Family! Lindsey’s interview segments were very powerful. And you all just have the cutest accents. 🙂 We have had foster parenting (and possibly adoption if God takes us there) on our hearts for a while. We completed the training necessary, but we decided to hold off so that my younger sister could move in to go to school where we live. We were initially thinking about fostering younger children, but guiding my sister through the college process has really made me think about opening our home to older children who need similar guidance but have no one… Read more »

MainlineMom aka Sarah

Wow what a fantastic TV show! Having dealt with CPS/DFCS here I feel like it’s a little idealized, but I still think it’s important to put faces and stories in front of people and get them at least thinking about it. Right now my husband and I don’t want to upset the birth order of our family but we are definitely considering fostering and more when our kids are a bit older.


That was beautiful, Jamie! It was so nice to see and hear you all. May God bless you all for what you are doing.


I just watched the video and was very touched. I remember ‘living’ this experience with you! I can’t believe that was 2009! I teared up several times as I listened to your daughter & you & Ken speak. (Too bad Kathryn didn’t get to talk on TV!) And, listening to the other children, too. I volunteered at a local CASA/Child Advocates before Alex was born. I visited ‘my girl’ (a teen) at her group house once. What a tough life these children live! And, that’s just ‘after’ they get removed from whatever situation they are in! I’ll say a prayer… Read more »


Thank you for posting this. I have been moved to tears. I was adopted, as an infant.. but adopted none the less. I have often thought about what my life would have been like if I were to have stayed with my birth mother or not have been adopted so young and awarded to the state and in foster care. I’d like to say that I was better off, but my adoption story wasn’t so ideal. But, you have Christ in your home, and from what I have read from your blogging, your home is filled with HIM; your adopted… Read more »


Oh most definitely. I forgot to mention, that God has used and will continue to use my “stuff” for His glory. I hope I didn’t sound like a victim in my comment. It was late and I was getting tired and I try to be brief with comments, which often doesn’t convey what I really mean. I am healed “mostly” ha.. I’m a work in progress like everyone else and just wanted to mention a tiny morsel of my story. I have a softened heart for what people go through and sharing like experiences can open doors for God to… Read more »


Thanks for sharing this video, We help recruit parents for kids in care and help caseworkers find the right families for the child. This is wonderful to help raise awareness about adopting children out of care.
Parents can register with parentfinder and case workers can use the system to find parents that match the children. SO this helps case workers with recruiting. As adoptive parents we think this is our little part to help every child find a family like you have. Keep raising the awareness.


Thank you Jamie for the awesome video you have included here…I have actually learned a lot from this especially about children and even parents…Congratulations for this!

Lamar Wadsworth

I am the DFCS adoption worker who placed Lindsey with the Worley family. It was a pleasure to work with the Worleys, and it has been very rewarding to see how Lindsey has thrived and flourished since she joined her forever family. Lindsey and Kathryn could pass for biological sisters. I am in awe of the tall, elegant, articulate, and confident young woman that Lindsey has become. She is a powerful communicator with a story to tell! God is doing and will continue to do some very good things through her.


That ACCENT! I didn’t know you were a southern girl. See what DOESN”T come through when you write? And your family looks so good together. Really you ALL do. And I know you CHOSE to adopt Lnydsey at a later age – and that’s SO awesome. I used to run a group home for abused and neglected kids – I wasn’t a foster parent – just someone to be there for them “in the meantime” – to direct them and befriend them for as long as I could. Some were adopted – some I had with me a good long… Read more »


It was uplifting to watch the video. The great advocacy and the awareness it covers should be spread more in order for others to know how they can help and how to change people’s lives. Good job!


That really tugged at my heart and I believe that we will be in the position to adopt a child one day. In our small group last night, one of our dear friends told of a story of a family who opened up their hearts and home to him and others when they first arrived in this country. They were not in need of adoption but to have someone truly open their hearts for another human on this Earth, I believe is the true demonstration of a follower of Christ and of the love of God. I really hope that… Read more »