Thankful {Christmas} Tree

Last year, we had a thankful tree on our front door, and we wrote what we were thankful for on fall-colored paper leaves and attached them to our tree. It filled up pretty nicely.

This year, despite my good intentions, we never got around to putting one up in early November like I had intended. Thanksgiving week came, and the girls asked if we were doing a Thankful Tree this year. I couldn’t say no, but since it was nearly December, we decided to make it a Thankful Christmas Tree.

Instead of leaves to write our “thankfuls” on, we write them on paper ornaments.

Adding to Thankful Tree

Our thankfuls range from the profound to the not-so-profound.
A small sampling:

  • God’s grace and mercy; hot tea; laughter – Jamie
  • Phones; my church; nature; family; Grandpa’s bears – Lindsey
  • My warm bed; lots and lots of books to read; sweet neighbors; muffins – Kathryn
  • Walks; chewies; my humans – Lacy the WonderDog
  • Ability to run; my family – Ken

The star at top says “Jesus” because none of the rest matters without Him.

2010 Thankful Tree

My silly girls. They saw I was taking the photo above, and both dove into the photo…

Thankful for Silly Girls

I think I need to add a thankful for “silliness” too.