The Week before The Wedding!

weekly report

I assure you, no one in this family has claimed boredom this week!

Kathryn has been doing VBS at her dad’s Messianic synagogue all week. Their focus was on missions, and yesterday they visited an apartment complex to do some ministry for the kids there.

Lindsey has been coming and going all week. She babysat one morning, worked three days this week, went to an employee party last Sunday evening, did her schoolwork each day, and right now today she is getting her nails done today with my soon to be daughter-in-law and all the bridesmaids. Kathryn was invited to go, too, but after her tiring week at VBS, she opted to hang out at the house and let me do her pedicure. She was delighted that we found just the perfect shade of nail polish to go with her dress.

Most of the time this week, I’ve been Lindsey’s taxi service. I’m trying to let her drive more often, though sitting in the passenger seat teaching my teen to drive still feels surreal. She is doing well, but just needs more practice before we’ll let her get her driver’s license.

Week 062912Lacy in the sunshine; bookshelf clean-out in process; veggie washer;
heat-loving flowers; almost-ripe apple; crepe myrtle in bloom.

I’ve been working on my annual bookshelf clean-out and reorganization spree! I do this every year to move the new year’s homeschool books to what I consider the prime location on the shelves, and that means getting rid of some books, rearranging other books, etc. Plus, it’s a good reason to take ALL the books off the shelves and do a thorough cleaning!

No real nature studies this week but of course there are always the blueberries and the flowers and the fruit trees and the veggie garden, as well as birds and chipmunks and squirrels – oh my! Kathryn is our designated blueberry-picker and lettuce washer.

By the end of the day tomorrow, I’ll have a new daughter: it’s Brandon and Diane’s wedding day! Since we’re photographing it, and since Lindsey and Kathryn are both in the wedding, it will be an all day affair and we plan to sleep late (and nap!) on Sunday!

Remember when I vowed last week that I would wear cute shoes for the wedding no matter the pain involved? Um… I changed my mind. I wore those super-cute shoes to our friends’ wedding last weekend and my feet ached for two days — after wearing them for only a few hours. So that’s not happening with being on my feet tomorrow for 10+ hours. I was *thisclose* to wearing cowboy boots (quite possibly the most comfy shoes I own) but I don’t think I can pull that off so I think I’m going with inbetweenishly cute shoes. However, my choice of footwear may be the least of my worries since we may just all pass out from heat. It’s an outdoor wedding, and the forecast is calling for temps of 100+ degrees! Yesterday the forecast for Saturday was 106, then by last night it went up to 108, so I was actually rather relieved this morning to see that it’s “only” suppose to be 105 tomorrow.


My favorite thing this week: My mom (and her little dog Mocha) have agreed to come with us on our late summer vacation! That will be a first, and we’re all overdue for a vacation. This also means Lacy the WonderDog will be coming with us on her very first vacation! Yay! (Yes, we all get along fabulously — even the dogs!)

I’ll have oodles of photos to share next week, so please humor me and come back with plenty oohs and aahs. 😉

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