The Week with a Mad Scientist!

weekly report

SCIENCE: Ken helped Lindsey with another experiment this week involving the density of salt water to make an egg float. Kathryn was the salt dispenser, so she got to help a bit, too. The instructions always say to wear safety goggles, even though I think the worst that might happen in this particular experiment would be to get a little salt in your eye, but Ken brought out the safety goggles for Lindsey to wear. 😉

safety glasses

Lindsey, the mad scientist {insert bwahaha here}:

mad scientist

CURRENT EVENTS: Every time a God’s World News magazine comes in the mail, this is what I see of Kathryn until she’s read most of it:

GWN magazine

MATH: Kathryn has deemed sixth grade Teaching Textbooks math “fun” and finds actually using the textbook to write in (where the problems are already printed out for her) much easier than last year, when she used scrap paper to write out every problem. Lindsey is [just barely] surviving geometry proofs. On her end-of-chapter test, she did pretty well and understood most of the concepts, but her answer to the last question made me laugh out loud.

funny math answer

Need a little happy news story? I saw this story in People magazine while sitting in the dentist’s office last week, and had to find it when I got home so I could share it: “A Boy Scout Troop with a Difference.

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Love the Mad Scientist picture! And we’re enjoying Teaching Textbooks as well. As for Lindsey’s answer to that last problem, yeah… that’s about where I stand with geometric proofs!


I love your sense of humor in this post! And I love the “bwa ha ha” look on your husband’s face behind your daughter’s “seriously??” look. LOL


Hahahaha! Love the pictures and the test answer.


Love the mad scientist pics!! Looks like a lot of fun:)


Love the mad scientist- those glasses might start a fashion trend! I forgot about “God’s World News”- that is a great resource.


I love it! “I have no idea” Wow. I am glad I am not alone in confusion. 🙂

Love the pictures of the two scientists at work. I also love your blue paint!!

Thanks for linking, Jamie!

I loved Lindsey’s answer on the geometry test. I had to show it to Brian. I’d be right there with her.

jonnia smith

Love the goggles! Looks like fun at your house this week!


Home educating looks so much fun in your house! I hope my kids have that much fun when we start up again this fall


Looks like a fun science class. I love her looks with the goggles.