The Week with Lindsey’s 1st Job!

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Lindsey started her first real job this week! Of course she knew I’d have to take a picture of her in her uniform on her first day and she was a good sport about it. {I was kind enough not to follow her into Chick-fil-a and photograph her at work!}

1st Day at Job

Lindsey also started back to homeschooling this week! Because math and science are the subjects she needs the most credits in, we started on those first. In August, we’ll add in more subjects. Right now, she’s doing Teaching Textbooks Geometry; it earned the very high praise of “I kinda almost liked it.” {In Lindsey-speak, that’s saying a lot because she really hates math.} She’s also doing Exploring Creation with General Science and AOP Health LifePac workbooks. We’re easing into things, leaving plenty of time in the day to hang out at the pool or relax at home.

Math is at least a little bit better when you get to do it somewhere like this:

Math in sunny window

Kathryn is finishing up grade 5 math, and a few maps and notebooking pages from our U.S. State geography notebook. Then she’ll have a complete break for a few weeks, and we’ll ease into her 6th grade year beginning mid July.

Although I’m a Georgia girl, I still don’t like the extreme heat we usually have in the summer. However, I think I’m finally making peace with it and enjoying more time outdoors. Our garden is helping with that. We’ve been picking vast quantities of blueberries from our one prolific bush, and I want to plant more blueberry bushes next year. I’ve been learning how to grow potatoes; this is my first attempt and I’m delighted the plants seem to be doing well even though I planted them too late. I’ve also been researching peach trees so I can (I hope!) have non-wormy peaches on our prolific tree next year. Sadly, we had to throw away buckets full of peaches this year — but I’m learning!

Kathryn likes to help in the garden. This morning she was trying to think of names for all of our garden plants. The potatoes earned the names Thing One, Thing Two, and Sprout. The romaine lettuce is named Caesar, the melon will be Melonie {ha ha!} but she’s still thinking on what to name the others.

Watering Veggie Garden

Reading, reading, reading. If we’re not actively doing something else, both girls have had their noses in books. I’m not complaining.

Brandon will be getting married NEXT WEEKEND! Lindsey is a bridesmaid; Kathryn is in the wedding, too; and Ken and I are the photographers — as well as Dad and stepmother of the groom! I’ve had a ridiculously difficult time deciding what to wear because usually when I photograph a wedding, I am behind the scenes, but this time I’ll actually be in some of the photos and that means I want to be cute. I finally found something to wear and came to the conclusion that my feet are just going to have to die because I refuse to wear frumpy shoes for this occasion!

And tomorrow we have the wedding of dear sweet young friends to attend. I don’t usually cry at weddings, but I think this is one that is going to have me needing Kleenex. The bride’s mom is one of my dearest friends, and I’ve watched the bride grow into such a beautiful and godly young woman. {She is another Lindsey.} Read a bit of her blog, Leaves Me Speechless, to see what kind of girl this is and how beautiful her love story has been. Yep, I expect waterworks at this wedding.

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