10 Things that Make My Day


Top 10 {randomly ordered} things that make my day:

1 – Peaceful times in the day when all the kids are happily occupied.
Lately, one of the best times for this has been when big sis Kathryn gets out the LEGOs and helps the littles build and play with them.


2 – An organized closet.
Related happy time: those fleeting 5 minutes of the day when every bit of laundry is done and folded! Also related: the feel of fresh clean sheets on the bed.


3 – A perfectly ripe avocado.
Because I like them and because “perfectly ripe” is mighty hard to find.

4 – Little gifts of flowers from my yard.
The 12-year-old get bonus points for presentation, but even a weed delivered with love from the 4-year-old brings a smile.


5 – Anytime I don’t have to think about what to fix for dinner.
Psst! Have you tried eMeals? {That’s an affiliate link but they have great dinner ideas! Use code SUMMER for 15% off any meal plan.}

6 – My electric tea kettle.
And cute tea mugs (this one a gift from my daughter-in-law!).


7 – Uninterrupted time to read.
Scarce but greatly appreciated when I get it!

8 – This guy.
I couldn’t do this parenting thing without him. Plus, I really like him. 😉


9 – Time with my mom.
She has long been one of my best friends, but since my dad died, I’ve treasured her even more. Whether we’re chatting over breakfast at Einstein’s, running errands, or antique shopping… I enjoy her company and I’m blessed to have her in my life.

10 – Beautiful spring weather that begs for outdoor play time for the kids or puttering in the flower garden for me.


How about you? What sorts of things make YOUR day?

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