Top Ten Totally Random Things on My Mind

Top Ten Tuesday

I am a very random thinker; at any given point there are roughly 317 ideas in my head at the same time. {SQUIRREL!} So a post where I can be random is delightful!

Thus, I present: Top Ten Totally Random Things on My Mind:

1) I’ve already checked off a few things on my 39-Things list, but I’m going to have to do better in planning so that I can make those dinners with friends actually happen. It’s hard to coordinate entire families as kids get older!

2) One of the many reasons I enjoy homeschooling is because I get to read classic books I never thought to read before. We began Swiss Family Robinson as a read-aloud this week, just one of the books on a rather long list I hope to get through this year.

3) My garage has become a furniture storage facility. I’ve been playing musical tables, trying to figure out which one to use in the kitchen, and whether to keep or switch out the one we use in our school room — and once I figure that out, I need to sell the extras so we can reclaim our garage. {Note: I only bought one. The others just found me.}

Furniture Garage

4) Dreaming big is hard for me. My practicality gets in the way. But I’m trying to learn. God didn’t give me a spirit of timidity, and He has set me free from fear. I just tend to forget all that in my daily life. I came across this quote yesterday, and it has become a new favorite:

“Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.” ~ Helen Keller

5) I want a Volvo with a mustache. {Hey, this is suppose to be random!} I saw one in the church parking lot on Sunday, and it made me smile. Who doesn’t get just a little bit happier seeing a serious car like a Volvo driving around with a mustache!?!

Mustache Volvo

6) Portrait ideas are swimming round and round in my head. I’m starting a BIG portrait project soon, and I’m brainstorming like a maniac in preparation for it. The models I’ve chosen — real women of all shapes and sizes, and a five-decade age range — are fabulous. I’m sooooo excited!

7) I made, for the first time ever, blog business cards, since, for the first time ever, I’m going to a blog conference: SavvyBlogging.

8) It’s so fun that my family is excited about our upcoming late-summer vacation! They’re talking about the things we’ll do, and the place we’ll stay, and what an adventure it will be with the dogs (Lacy the WonderDog, plus my mom’s dog Mocha). My mom even sounds excited, talking about looking for a floppy straw beach hat. Fun!

9) Hello Mornings! I’ve seen friends tweeting their #hellomornings for a long time now, and with all the various things I have going on, I figured a little extra accountability to get my day off to a good start would be a really good idea. The new session starts August 20th.

10) My yard has become a bird sanctuary and I loooove it! I’ve just spent a few minute on the back porch watching a fledgling bluebird being fed by it’s parents (in my peach tree) and a female hummingbird trying to decide which feeder she likes best. Makes me happy!

Enjoy your Tuesday, random or not!