Trending towards real

My favorite bloggers have, since the beginning, tried to present a balanced picture of life, rather than painting everything with a rosy glow. I’ve tried to do that, too, because we don’t have any rainbow-eating, butterfly-pooping ponies around here. {Anybody get my Horton Hears a Who reference?}

Lately, I’m seeing this trend towards “real” in blogland more often. And I like it.

trending towards real

Best of all, it’s being done well — which means telling the truth without violating the privacy of those we love, and without putting more negativity into the world. {Because the news has plenty of that.}

I’m not just talking about revealing a pile of dishes in the sink or a Pinterest fail DIY. I’m talking about the nitty gritty issues of real life discussed tactfully.

A few examples:

  • Renee at FIMBY has been blogging through her own personal mid-life sort of crisis, and finding a way to share that still feels positive and encouraging.
  • Shannan at Flower Patch Farmgirl does a beautiful job of “telling the truth on the internet,” even in something as simple as THAT day on a seemingly picture-perfect family vacation when everyone (yep, even mom) ends up melting down and yelling and/or crying. Or her recent post on parenting adopted kids. {I can so relate to both.}
  • Simple Homeschool is in the middle of a “hardest part of my homeschool year” series featuring stories from quite a few of it’s regularly contributing authors.

Of course the internet makes things a bit dicey because real life includes other humans, and it’s difficult to tell your own real without veering too far into theirs and putting all out there for the world to see. But I’m delighted at this move away from only showing our best, spit-shined, put-together selves.

Who are your favorite real-sharing bloggers? Please share in the comments.