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Twenty-five more of my thousand gifts

I’m still thanking the Lord for more of my one-thousand gifts!

Gifts #151 – #175:
My friend Tina and her baby (still in the womb) are both safe after a scare last week.
The new old car passed emissions!
Cheap cars mean cheap ad valorem fees for tags.
Sister-time for Lindsey and Kathryn.
Vanilla cupcakes with chocolate icing (a tasty result of aforementioned sister-time).
Functioning as a two-car family again.
Lindsey loves Color Guard (1st practice was this week).
New friends for Lindsey.
More hope for a good homeschool year since Lindsey has Color Guard to look forward to.
Kathryn is excited that I signed her up for Chess Club (begins next month).
The mission trip Lindsey is on beginning today!
Chaperones willing to spend 14 hours on a bus with a gaggle of middle-schoolers.
Hobby Lobby.
A clean house.
Getting things done so we can list our home for sale next week.
Plenty of planning time next week for our homeschool year.
Really funny/sweet greeting cards to send.
The big purple butterfly bush I see when sitting at my desk.
Purple Butterfly Bush
Being able to donate items we don’t need to a good cause.
Happy endings.
Occasional opportunities to use my vast stores of mostly-useless knowledge.
Silk pillowcases.
Dads and daughters.

No, I didn’t make them pose; I just grabbed my camera when they all settled in like this.

Consider trying this gift-counting for yourself, on your own or as part of the Gratitude Community.

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Gorgeous picture of dad and daughters – Love it!


I agree! I love that picture!


Garrett and I are honored to be in this post! 🙂 Love the picture of daddy and his girls. So glad your car passed emmissions too.

H-Mama @ Family Team

Awwww… such sweet pictures. What a great idea!

Tricia @Hodgepodge

Love the cupcake photo. Well, all the photos of course!