U.S. Atlas for Homeschool geography

Because we’re relaxed homeschoolers, I like to keep good resources handy. It’s one of the best ways for the kids to learn, even when I haven’t assigned them specific work.

One of our most recent resources is a pretty little atlas of the United States.

US desk atlas from GeoMatters

Disclosure: I received this product for the purposes of review, and have been compensated for my time. All opinions are my own, and I was not required to write a positive review.

United States Desk Atlas:

atlas for elementary age

At 7 years old, Scout is a pretty good reader so she can read much of the information in the atlas (from GeoMatters) by herself, though I do have to explain words like agriculture. She especially likes looking up the official bird, tree, and flower for each state since those are all things she recognizes and understands.

Homeschool mom confession: while looking up all the states she could think of — using the Table of Contents, because she gets a kick out of knowing how to do that — Scout said, “I’m going to look up Kenya!” To be fair, we do talk about Kenya often since that’s where our Compassion kids live.

US atlas pages

I love the scrapbook-like appearance of the large full-color pages, and they feel nice to the touch. Seriously, that’s a thing for me; books with icky pages just don’t make me want to touch them!

Geography for a wide range of ages.

US atlas for homeschool geography

The Desk Atlas of the United States is geared toward a wide range of ages, from 2nd­ grade all the way through 12th grade. The atlas is loaded with information, including: climate and geography; state quarters, flags and seals; beautiful physical maps; tourist destinations; key historical events and people — and more. Kathryn has used it for some of her own projects, too.

The atlas is integrated into the Trail Guide to U.S. Geography, but it’s a worthwhile resource on it’s own, even if you don’t use that curriculum.

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