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Valentine’s Art: mixed media fun

What do a couple of girls longing for (but oh-so-far-from) the beach do with themselves on a cold winter day? Make art — and talk about the beach!

I keep telling you, this creative stuff is reawakening a happier part of my brain and I like it. I don’t want Kathryn to lose it like I did, and crafty pursuits are something we both enjoy, so it’s a fun thing to do together.

Kathryn makes art

Crafty girl-time:

This week we’re doing projects from this Valentine’s Day mixed media workshop by Alisha Gratehouse, another Georgia blogger! So far we’ve only done the first project, but we’ve already peeked at the rest of the first week’s projects. All together there are 10 projects in this mini-workshop, and Kathryn has already mandated that we do them all. 🙂

Art in process.
mixed media art in process

I gathered up supplies we already had around the house (things like scrapbook paper, Mod Podge, paints, etc) and only had to swing by the store to replenish our supply of small canvases.

Can you find the dog in this photo?
valentines art

If Piper can’t be jumping on DaisyDog’s head (her favorite activity), then she’s happiest right next to us, preferably touching someone. Since we weren’t playing with her, she wanted to help Kathryn paint. And look: sometimes she retracts those bat ears, and then she looks like a seal pup!

It’s a good thing she’s so stinkin’ cute.
valentines art-3

It’s called a Valentine’s Day workshop, but Kathryn told me she likes these projects because they aren’t just for Valentine’s Day — and you don’t even have to make anything pink! {Alisha professes a love of pink; Kathryn is not a fan; I fall somewhere in-between.}

These mixed media art pieces came out so cute, and I like the primitive “she art” feel because they’re NOT supposed to be perfect.

mixed media art

More Valentine’s art:

Although I think a 7-year-old could follow along with the video tutorials just fine, I’m doing those as a special thing just for me and Kathryn. One-on-one time is sometimes hard to find, and the years are short. {Do you see how grown up she looks now???}

Instead, I’ll be doing a little mother-daughter time with Scout making one of these simple free Valentine’s mini-canvas tutorials, also from Alisha. They’re a great warm-up, but Alisha’s video tutorials are even better. Since we have access to this mixed media workshop, for a full year, we can work on our art projects any time and at our own pace. It also means I can do them later on with Scout and not infringe on my special time with Kathryn.

{Disclosure: this post contains affiliate links. Alisha was kind enough to offer me access to this workshop in exchange for helping share the word about it – but now I want to do more of her workshops!}

* * * * *
Do you have any special activities you do with your kids? Are you experiencing the same time-warp that seems to happen in my house, making it seem like yesterday that my teen was just a little girl? {sigh}

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Scout, I thought it was Abbey?


Love your “she art” pieces! And tell Kathryn that I forgive her for not being a pink freak like me! 😉 I also think it might help Piper to create some she art of her own. She needs a creative outlet. That is, if you can keep her from eating the paper…and the canvas…and the modpodge. She’s looking at that sponge brush with a gleam in her eye!