Vintage summertime recipe for kids

When I made my recipe binder, I consolidated my cookbooks, getting rid of most of them. But I kept a 1979 PTA fund-raising cookbook from my elementary school; it’s so old now it’s vintage cool. 😉

That was back when I looked like this as I headed off to school with my Star Wars lunch box. Look at that pose: I was rocking that Dorothy Hamill ‘do (and footwear that looks remarkably like bowling shoes; what the heck?).

school day 1979

Anyhoo… in that little recipe book, I found this oldie but goodie, perfect for the rapidly approaching summertime:


Take 1 large grassy field
1/2 dozen children (all sizes)
3 small dogs
1 narrow strip of brook (pebbly if possible)

Mix children with dogs and empty into field, stirring continually. Sprinkle field with flowers. Pour brook over pebbles. Cover all with a deep blue sky and bake in hot sun.

When all the children are well browned they may be removed from field. Will be found just right for setting away to cool in the bathtub.