Visit to Georgia & a Baby Shower!

I’m not a big traveler. If someone ever successfully builds a teleporter, I will go ALL THE PLACES, but as long as driving is involved, it’s not gonna happen. Unless it’s for a really good reason. Like meeting my newest grandson and hosting a baby shower for my soon-to-arrive granddaughter!

Kathryn and I stayed at my mom’s, and she was able to take those days off work so we had a lot of time together in a few short days. We went shopping — and had coffee, of course, because my mom loves coffee as much as I love tea. Maybe even more.

coffee and shopping with my mom

Kathryn finally found a cute little pair of suede booties she’s been hunting, and I bought a cooler-weather running outfit and a clearance pair of Loft jeans. I am a whole lot more minimalist than I used to be in my shopping habits and my wardrobe but I do still love a few new cute things sometimes — especially since we don’t have any good clothes-shopping stores around here. And I really did need something for cold-weather running; I hadn’t even started running this time last year and once I did start I’d often just skip going out if the weather was chilly.

While in Georgia, I got to go on a hilly run in my old neighborhood. Now I see why my dad said he barely made it to the mailbox when he first started; it’s not like our flat little island! Since I can’t run with him, it was neat running the same streets he did.

Yay, grandbabies!

my grandsons

I finally got to meet Jackson, and Carter has gotten even more handsome and turned into even more of a ham than the last time I saw him. I want to eat them both with a spoon! Brandon was at work but I always enjoy visiting with Diane.

Lindsey and Kathryn

Lindsey is expecting in early December. My mom and I decided to host a baby shower for her at our favorite little tea room. This has been the site for many of our celebrations, from birthdays to Mother’s Days to the reception for our tiny wedding when Ken and I got married. We invited mostly family and a few friends that have been close to Lindsey through the years.

baby shower gifts

We enjoyed good food and hot tea, laughed and even shed a few tears, and Lindsey opened a ton of wonderful gifts. She is well-set for the baby now!

baby Converse gift set

My relationship with Lindsey has been hit or miss for the past several years but as soon as she found out she was expecting she let me know I would be grandma to her baby. She’s had ups and downs but right now she seems to be in a pretty good place. She’s absolutely over the moon about meeting her baby girl! And that adorable belly: looks like she’s smuggling a basketball!

baby belly

baby shower girls

Meanwhile, back at home…

Ken took a few days off work and stayed here with the kids. While Scout was in school, Jem had some major Daddy time; he just soaks it up! They went fishing, kayaking, and started building our Little Free Library as a surprise for us. He’s still working on finishing it up, and we are still deciding how we want to paint it but I hope to have it up and running within the next couple of weeks!

It’s been a while since I linked up with Kris so I’ll do that today.